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by Joshua James posted Feb 27 2015 12:26PM
The "New York Post" says the KARDASHIANS signed a $100 million deal to stay with E! for four more years.

The deal inclused Kris Jenner and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

Bruce Jenner was NOT part of the deal, because they're supposedly giving him his own show to chronicle his "transformation".

The last deal the family signed with E! was for $40 Million over three years, and it made them the highest-paid reality stars in the world. So Obviously, this deal keeps them in that position.

But E! says the "Post's" numbers are, quote, "grossly inaccurate."

I was really hoping they'd go away...
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by Joshua James posted Feb 27 2015 11:03AM
How much do you know about the people you work with... and how much do they know about YOU?

According to a new survey, 11% of us know something that could get another employee FIRED.

Here are seven more results from the survey....

1. 62% of us have overheard someone complain about another employee.
2. 53% have eavesdropped on a conversation.
3. 35% have overheard their boss talking about layoffs or firing someone.
4. 22% have overheard a conversation about someone's salary.
5. 20% have overheard someone talking about an office romance.
6. 18% have heard a coworker lie to their boss.
7. 11% have heard someone intentionally sabotaging another employee.

This survey according to CareerBuilder... interesting.. truth?
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by Joshua James posted Feb 26 2015 1:01PM
We found a GREAT story about a woman who got revenge on the coworkers who kept stealing her lunch... and it's a MILLION times more effective than a passive-aggressive note.

A guy posted on that his wife was having trouble with coworkers taking her lunch from the fridge at work. So he made her some buffalo wings... but covered them in GHOST PEPPER chili powder and Blair's 4am Reserve.

If you don't know, ghost peppers are one of the world's hottest chilies, and Blair's 4am Reserve is one of the hottest hot sauces known to man. It's 7,476 times spicier than Tabasco.

He ate a couple wings to make sure they wouldn't KILL anybody, and says they were REALLY hot. Nothing would cut the heat, and the ghost chilies actually got HOTTER as time went on.

So his wife brought them to work, and just before lunch, they heard someone YELL from the kitchen. It was one of the younger guys she works with.. and he ran to the bathroom and wound up vomiting uncontrollably.

No one has touched her lunch since...

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by Joshua James posted Feb 26 2015 10:47AM
If you're in your 30s or close to it, you grew up with "DuckTales", "Danger Mouse", and "Inspector Gadget" .... and now, they're all coming back!

Disney XD is creating a new version of "DuckTales" based on the original show, which ran from 1987 - 1990. It'll once again feature Scrooge McDuck, his grand-nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Donald Duck.

The bad news is: Apparently, you can't launch a new "DuckTales" overnight, because it's still TWO YEARS down the road. It'll premiere sometime in 2017.

Meanwhile, Netflix is launching updated versions of the '80's shows "Inspector Gadget" and "Danger Mouse". "Gadget" will hit Netflix next month, but "Danger Mouse" won't arrive until next spring.

The "Inspector Gadget" show will be a sequel. Dr. Claw will be the villain again... but this time Inspector Gadget is being brought back out of retirement, and his niece Penny will be a little older and is training to be a crime-fighter too.

Not much is known about the new "Danger Mouse" show, other than that British comedian Stephen Fry is onboard to voice Danger Mouse's boss Colonel K.

Cheers to bringing back Saturday mornings eating coco puff cereal in my boxers!
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by Joshua James posted Feb 25 2015 1:39PM
So happy for this gal. So nice and DANG she can sing!!! Y'all remember the duo STEEL MAGNOLIA??!?! ..... Just watch!!!

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by Joshua James posted Feb 25 2015 7:18AM
The "New York Daily News" threw out some numbers related to FLOYD MAYWEATHER / MANNY PACQUIAO fight on May 2nd ... and they're pretty crazy.

First off, a promoter says Mayweather's take will "likely exceed $150 million" ... with Pacquiao raking in more than $100 million himself. Yeah, for ONE FIGHT.

The most expensive tickets will probably go for a record face value of $5,000 ... while the "cheap" seats will still run around $1,000 a piece. But you won't have to worry about that, since only a "small amount" will be available to the public.

It's going to be expensive to watch it from home, too. The pay-per-view price hasn't been set, but it's expected to be $90, plus another $10 for HD, which means you're looking at $100.

Overall, the fight could gross around $400 MILLION, when you add the gate, pay-per-view, foreign rights, sponsorships and other revenue streams. It that happens, it will also be a record.
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by Joshua James posted Feb 25 2015 7:09AM
The wage gap is closing, with women getting closer and closer to getting paid fairly at work.

And that's good news for men, not just because equality is a good thing and blah blah blah ... but because you might not have to pay for everything on every date anymore.

A new survey found 91% of women say they're willing to throw in money on a first date ... whether it's paying for the whole thing, splitting it in half, buying one round of drinks, or whatever.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 25 2015 6:54AM
What's more important: Being able to go outside right now in a t-shirt? Or saving enough to avoid retiring in a cardboard box behind Denny's? Because when you live in California, you're making that trade-off.

A new study found the 10 best and worst cities for saving money. Portland, Oregon is the best city for saving money, and San Francisco is the worst.

In fact, NINE of the 10 worst cities are in California. The only city that ISN'T is in New York, which came fourth.

The nine cities in California that are terrible for saving money are: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Irvine, Oakland, San Jose, Long Beach, Fremont, Stockton and Santa Ana.

The Rankings are based on factors like sales tax, home prices, rent prices, the unemployment rate and gas prices.

The ten BEST cities for saving are: Portland, Oregon ... Anchorage, Alaska ... Lincoln Nebraska ... Boise, Idaho ... Madison, Wisconsin ... Omaha, Nebraska ... Wichita, Kansas ... For Wayne, Indiana ... Arlington, Texas ... and Corpus Christi, Texas.
by Joshua James posted Feb 24 2015 11:20AM
According to a new survey, the average person says that to "live the dream," they'd need to make at least $125,000 a year... but work no more than 27 hours a week. Which breaks down to $89 an hour.

And our most common "life goals" are dominated by things that have a direct connection with finances.

Here are the top ten...

1. Make more money.
2. Travel the world.
3. Be healthier in general.
4. Lose weight.
5. Fall in love.
6. Buy a house.
7. Get married.
8. Have kids.
9. Be able to retire.
10. Give something back to the community.
by Joshua James posted Feb 24 2015 10:18AM
I'm surprised people don't commit more random acts of kindness these days. I mean, you could TOTTALLY take a selfie while you were doing it, post it on Facebook, and get at least 15 likes.

A new survey found the top five most common random acts of kindness we do... and some of them are REALLY weak. But I guess they're better than nothing. Check 'em out....

1. Letting someone go in front of you in line, 51%

2. Checking in on a loved one, 49%

3. Asking a neighbor how they're feeling, 43%

4. Doing a favor for someone while they're out of town, like watching their pet or signing for a package, 26%

5. Giving up your seat for an elderly or pregnant person, 22%

The survey also found 23% of people have NEVER performed a random act of kindness.... WHAT?!?

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by Joshua James posted Feb 23 2015 11:34AM
Country music artists are known to have FAT PAYCHECKS, but now we know just how much money some of our favorite artists are earning PER SECOND, and the results are surprising.

Skyrange calculated the per-second earnings of some of music's top moneymakers, including a few big country names. Toby Keith, one of Forbes' highest-paid musicians in 2014, made $65 million in total for the year, which breaks down to $2.06 PER SECOND. Keith's earnings come from not only his music, but his business empire, which includes his I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant chain; partial ownership of the Show Dog-Universal record label, along with a stake in Big Machine; and his own line of Mezcal. (yummy btw)

Even though he spent the year off the road, Kenny Chesney still made $44 million in 2014, or $1.40 per second. Jason Aldean made $1.17 per second, or $37 million total, last year, while his good friend Luke Bryan netted $1.08 per second, totaling $34 million in 2014. Country-turned pop star Taylor Swift made $64 million last year, which breaks down to $2.03 each second.

But all of country's rich artists still fall WAY behind 2014's leading music moneymaker. Dr. Dre sold his Beats headphones to Apple for $3 billion, making his salary last year $620 million, or $19.66 per second. According to Skyrange, that's the biggest single-year payout in the history of the music industry.
by Joshua James posted Feb 23 2015 9:02AM
Lead singer Gary LeVox jokes that helium is required to hit the high notes of the trio's latest single..

Rascal Flatts did a little Las Vegas rehearsal in Los Angeles last Wednesday night. The country trio, set to begin their residence at Sin City's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino this week, brought two songs sure to be on their Vegas set-list to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch above as lead singer Gary LeVox's voice soars on the group's new single, "Riot," on ABC's late-night talk show. He jokes that helium is on the Flatts' concert rider so that he can hit all those high notes on the song.

"The vocal was a fluke," LeVox tells Rolling Stone Country of first recording "Riot." "But it worked on that song and it's a really fun song to sing. It was a day where I got in the mode, in the story, and I was thrilled to be able to sing it."

"Riot' is one of the songs that we felt strongest about from the first day on the record," adds guitarist-pianist Jay DeMarcus." [Songwriters] Sara Haze and Jaren Boyer did a fantastic job crafting that piece of music."

The trio's West Coast trip also included a stop at Miramonte Elementary School to visit fifth graders adn donate instruments to the school. There, they presented Little Kids Rock, a non-profit music education initiative, with a check for $150,000.

Dubbed "Rascal Flatts' Vegas Riot," the country group's nine-concert residency at the Joint, a 4,000-seat venue inside the Hard Rock, begins February 25th. The Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd will open the shows.

"The only time I've been to the Joint was to see Jeff Beck, about five years ago," says guitarist Joe Don Rooney. "I love the intimate setting. We all three do. It's something we haven't gotten to do in a while.

by Joshua James posted Feb 23 2015 7:04AM
Someone recently asked the Reddit community how much Joey owed Chandler on "Friends."

They said, quote, "In Season Eight, Episode 22, Joey is figuring out how much money he owes Chandler ... after seeing the final number, Joey forgives Chandler for falling asleep during his movie, and calls it even. How much dud he owe?'

Well someone with WAY too much free time crunched the numbers ... and estimated that it could've been $119,760.

That included: Two sets of headshots at $500 each ... $4,000 worth of acting, dancing and vocal lessons ... more than $86,000 for three years worth of rent, utilities and food in Manhattan ...

Then another $5,500 for the time Chandler had to replace everything in their apartment when Joey got tricked and allowed everything to be stolen ... plus the $5,000 that Chandler paid for Joey's hernia surgery. (That part is deleted, since some people think Joey was able to get his insurance to cover it)

by Joshua James posted Feb 23 2015 6:54AM
1. One of the highlights of a pretty boring show was LADY GAGA's tribute to "The Sound of Music." She absolutely CRUSHED it, which is not surprising, because Gaga is that rare breed of pop tramp who can actually SING.

JULIE ANDREWS was there, and she LOVED it.

2. TERRANCE HOWARD introduced some of the Best Picture nominees, and SOMETHING was up. There were a lot of weird pauses in his speech, and at one point he grabbed the microphone, which made a loud noise.

He played it off like he was just so blown away by the movies. And maybe that was the case. But maybe he was DRUNK ... or having Teleprompter issues.

3. COMMON totally left OPRAH hanging on a high-five after he and JOHN LEGEND won the Oscar for "Glory", their song from "Selma". And their performance of the song brought David Oyelowo and, randomly, Chris Pine, to tears.

4. Things got a little awkward between DAKOTA JOHNSON and her mom MELANIE GRIFFITH on the red carpet, after Melanie said she probably won't see "Fifty Shades of Grey." It sounds like Dakota WANTS her to see it.

5. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS started off the show with a joke about the lack of color at the Oscars. He said, quote, "Tonight we honor Hollywood's best and WHITEST ... sorry, brightest."

It was followed buy the obligatory song and dance number, featuring ANNA KENDRICK and JACK BLACK.

6. In case you were wondering, it really WAS Will Arnett in the Batman costume during the performance of "Everything is Awesome." Arnett voiced Batman in the "Lego Movie".
by Joshua James posted Feb 23 2015 6:45AM
Best Picture: "Birdman"

Best Animated Feature Film: "Big Hero 6"

Best Director: Alejandro Inarritu, "Birdman"

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne, "The Theory of Everything"

Best Actress: Julianne Moore, "Still Alice"

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash"

Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood"

Best Documentary Feature: "CitizenFour"

Best Documentary (Short Subject): "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1"

Best Adapted Screenplay: "The Imitation Game"

Best Original Screenplay: "Birdman"

Best Foreign Film: "Ida"

Best Film Editing: "Whiplash"

Best Costume Design: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Best Visual Effects: "Interstellar"

Best Sound Mixing: "Whiplash"

Best Sound Editing: "American Sniper"

Best Production Design: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Best Cinematography: "Birdman"

Best Original Score: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Best Original Song: "Glory" from "Selma"

Best Short Film (Animated): "Feast"

Best Short Film (Live Action): "The Phone Call"
by Joshua James posted Feb 19 2015 3:05PM
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday... which is the beginning of Lent. That means that Christians everywhere are at least PRETENDING they're going to give up something for the next 40 days.

E! Online put together an amusing list of things certain celebrities should give up. Here are the highlights:

Taylor Swift: Dancing. She really does kind of suck at it.

Harry Styles: Ponytail holders.

Kanye West: Interviews.

Justin Bieber: Hair dye.

Ashton Kutcher: Hats. Especially the trucker hats.

Kristen Stewart: Swearing.

What would you like to see particular celebrities give up for lent?

by Joshua James posted Feb 18 2015 3:46PM
A writer for Yahoo ranked all 51 drinks on the standard Starbucks menu.

He had three rules: One, he didn't include seasonal drinks, so no Pumpkin Spice Latte. Two, he didn't order a drink hot AND iced unless the menu lists them separately. And three, he didn't customize the drinks at all, like using skim instead of whole milk.

The whole thing cost him about $150 and required 13 trips to Starbucks. And after all that, his picks for the top five drinks at Starbucks are...

1. The Coffee Frappuccino
2. The Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino
3. The Mocha Frappuccino
4. The Flat White... which is sort of like a latte.
5. The Java Chip Frappuccino

So basically, according to this guy, if you order something that resembles a chocolate milkshake you'll be happy.

His bottom five drinks are...

1. The Caramel Frappuccino... because caramel reminds him of the dentist?
2. The Caramel Iced Coffee
3. The Teavana Youthberry
4. Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers
5. The Green Tea Creme Frappuccino

And right above those he put Espresso and Cappuccino. So yea... the guy doesn't like actual coffee in the first place. But maybe that's the typical Starbucks customer now? His review of an Espresso sort of proves it...

"This is the opposite of my thing. Pretty sure people fake that they enjoy drinking a thimble of coffee because they think it looks cool to drink things out of tiny cups. It doesn't. This is the e-cig of coffee drinks." ???

On the other hand, he's the lunatic who was willing to spend the time and money on this... so maybe he DOES know what he's talking about?

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by Joshua James posted Feb 17 2015 3:33PM
If Valentine's Day is the Super Bowl for 1-800-Flowers, then they just got spanked like the Denver Broncos two years ago.... (yea i said it)

There are hundreds of tweets criticizing 1-800-Flowers for botching Valentine's Day.

We live in an era where people can instantly show the world when a company screws up... and apparently 1-800-Flowers screwed up a LOT. Photos of wilted flowers, incorrect orders, ugly arrangements, and crushed chocolates are going around.

And people are also tweeting complaints because their Valentine's Day flowers STILL haven't been delivered.

1-800-Flowers is slowly answering people on Twitter, mostly asking people to follow them so they can direct message about the problem. If you're REALLY cynical, you'd say they're using their Valentine's Day disaster to get more flowers.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 16 2015 3:03PM
If you're a presenter, performer, or one of the major nominees at this year's Oscars, you'll soon be able to add one more thing to your resume: MINDREADER.

This year's gift bag is worth $125,000, and it includes a $20,000 session with a woman named Olessia Kantor... who tells horoscopes, analyzes dreams and TEACHES MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES.... whaaaat?

The bag also includes a $14,500 luxury train ride through the Canadian Rockies, a $1,500 three-night stay in Tuscany... and a $250 Afterglow VIBRATING BEDROOM ENHANCER..

Not to metnione a $12,000 "glamping" trip. For all of you 99 percenters, (like me) glamping is basically LUXUARY CAMPING, which is kind of an oxymoron.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 13 2015 11:40AM
Since Valentine's Day is supposed to be the ultimate day of love, and most of us enjoy expressing our love through two to five minutes of sweet, sweet coitus, EVERYONE should be getting some tomorrow. But that's not the case.

A new Harris poll found that less than half of us think we're gonna get-it-on tomorrow night.

49% of people say they'll probably have sex on Valentine's Day... 34% say they probably WON'T.

For what it's worth, more people expect to get sex than a present. only 33% say they'll probably receive a gift tomorrow.

The survey also found 66% of people think consumerism has ruined the romance of Valentine's Day... 68% think proposing on Valentine's Day is cliche... and 27% of people will be spending Valentine's Day ALONE.

by Joshua James posted Feb 13 2015 11:24AM
A new study by MyFitnessPal ranked states on how romantic they are..... at least if you consider it romantic to gorge yourself on candy, get hammered, then sloppily get-it-on...

The study ranked the states on three factors: How much chocolate they eat... how much champagne they drink... and how much sex they have.

The top 10 are: Rhode Island... Washington... North Dakota... Maryland.. California... Connecticut... Arizona... Arkansas... Louisana... and New York.

The 10 LEAST romantic states are: Wyoming... Nebraska... Hawaii... New Mexico... South Dakota.. Alabama... Montana.. Vermont... Mississippi.. and Delaware.

They also broke down the individual categories. Utah eats the most chocolate, New Mexico eats the least.... California drinks the most champagne, North Dakota drinks the least... and ARKANSAS has the most sex. Nebraska has the least.... make note.. don't move to Nebraska!


by Joshua James posted Feb 11 2015 10:54AM
Mark my words.. This guy WILL be one of the biggest names in country music.. Incredibly talented.. singer..songwriter ENTERTAINER.

Our buddy ThomasRhett covering Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk"

by Joshua James posted Feb 11 2015 7:41AM
About three seconds after the news broke that JON STEWART is leaving "The Daily Show", the speculation over who should replace him began.

The obvious joke everyone simultaneously came up with was that it should be BRIAN WILLIAMS ... since he already knows his way around FAKE NEWS. But some seriously GOOD choices were offered up, too.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are right up there ... either one or the other, as a DUO, which would be AWESOME.

Other names that have come up include Joel McHale, Aziz Ansari, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K. and Dave Chapelle.

The show could also go to a current "Daily Show" Correspondent, like Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi, or Jessica Williams.
by Joshua James posted Feb 11 2015 7:31AM
We've heard of plenty of people getting fired from their jobs because of what they post on social media ... but here's a new one.

A girl named Cella was about to start a new job at Jet's Pizza in Mansfield, Texas last Friday. Clearly, she wasn't too excited about it.

Because on Thursday night, she tweeted, quote, "Ew I start this [eff] ass job tomorrow." That was followed by seven thumbs down emojis.

But a guy named Robert Waple had hired her to work at Jet's ... and somehow he found out about the message.

So he got on his Twitter account, which he hadn't used since 2009 ... sent Cella a tweet of his OWN ... and FIRED her BEFORE she could even start her first day.

He wrote, quote, "and no, you don't start that FA job today! Just fired you! Good luck with your no money and no job life!"

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by Joshua James posted Feb 11 2015 7:08AM
Valentine's Day is filled with more land mines than any other holiday. Which is why so many people hate it. A new survey found the top five most embarrassing things that can happen on Valentine's Day. Check them out ...

1. Getting a gift or a card from a coworker who has a thing for you ... but you don't have any feelings back. It's even worse if they give you the gift in front of other coworkers who KNOW it's not reciprocated.

2. Giving someone you're dating a gift ... and not getting one back.

3. Eating alone in a restaurant filled with couples.

4. Getting an obnoxiously large bunch of flowers at work.

5. Getting a card or present from a secret admirer ... only you instantly know who the admirer is and wish they didn't admire you.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 10 2015 11:30AM
A teenager wanted a clip-on tie for his first job interview.. So a Target employee taught him how to tie a REAL ONE!

This is so cool!!

A 15-year-old kid walked into a Target in Raleigh, North Carolina last Wednesday, and asked where the clip-on ties were. He said he needed one so he'd look good for his first job interview at a nearby Chick-fil-A.

The employee he talked to was a woman named Cathy Scott... she told him they don't SELL clip-on ties. BUT...instead of letting him walk out empty-handed, she asked a co-worker named Dennis Roberts if he knew how to tie a REAL tie.

So Dennis took the kid aside and taught him how to tie a tie... right there in the store.

Cathy and Dennis also gave him some pointers... like to make sure he looked the interviewer in the eye, and to give him a firm handshake. Then they went to Chick-fil-A the next day to see if he GOT the job.

The manager said he's still interviewing people, but he knew who they were talking about. It's not clear if their visit made a difference, but the guy said he's planning to bring the kid in for a second interview later this week.

Meanwhile, another customer saw Dennis teaching the kid how to tie the tie, and took a picture.. and now the photo of it is all over Facebook!

SO COOL! I've always been a fan of Target!!

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by Joshua James posted Feb 10 2015 10:13AM
Big & Rich made a guest appearance on ABC's The Bachelor last night. The duo helped this season's bachelor, CHris Soules, and the bachelorettes write and perform songs during a group date in Deadwood, South Dakota (John Rich actually OWNS a Casino there) While his wife is a big fan of The Bachelor, Big & Rich's John Rich admits he was a little skeptical about watching a bunch of pretty women compete for one guy's hand in marriage. Meeting Chris and taking part in the taping changed john's tune, though...

He tells ABC News Radio, "It was an interesting process. I definitely gained more of an appreciation for the show by being on it and seeing how it goes down."

Taping the episode of The Bachelor in Deadwood was also Big & Rich's idea. They've written a lot of music there and consider the Wild West town to be a home away from home.

"I mean, that's where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane played cards," John explains. "That's where they're both buried. When you get out in that town, man, I mean it's drinking and gambling. It's the Wild West. To throw all the girls on The Bachelor into that scene - that's gasoline on a fire."

Later on the show, Big & Rich played two songs for the bachelor and one of his bachelorettes, Britt. The set included Big & Rich's signature song, "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)," which they sang as "Save a Horse (Ride a Farm Boy)" in honor of Chris.

John says, "That song has become kind of Big & Rich's 'Sweet Home Alabama.' When we hit [that oepning guitar riff] everybody just - they know what it is. We could probably be a hundred years old and play that and they would still get up."

The other song on Big & Rich's The Bachelor set list was "Lovin' Lately," a song featuring Tim McGraw from the duo's latest album, Gravity.

"They asked us to play that one because of the subject matter of the show," John says. "'Who You Been Lovin' Lately?' No Kidding! I mean, you're 'The Bachelor' with 20 hot girls around. So, it was fun."

On TV again this weekend! catch Big & Rich on CMT at 6AM E.T.

Copyright 2015, ABC Radio. All Rights reserved.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 9 2015 8:01AM
We are a culture completely brainwashed by romantic movies, from "The Notebook" to "Made in Manhattan." Yeah, I said it. Even "Made in Manhattan."

A new Valentine's Day survey asked Americans if they believe in SOULMATES ... and the overwhelming response is YES. Check it out:

76% believe everyone has a soulmate out there.

People under 35 are even MORE likely to believe in soulmates ... 84% say everyone has one out there.

65% say you know RIGHT AWAY when you meet your soulmate.

38% of people say they think they might've seen their soulmate across the room and regret not going up and introducing themselves.

And on a bummer note, 36% of people who believe in soulmates say they haven't found theirs yet ... and 71% of them don't believe they'll find a person this year.
by Joshua James posted Feb 9 2015 7:53AM
These are the country music winners from last night's Grammy Awards:

Best Country Album - Platinum, Miranda Lambert

Best Country Song - "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," Glen Campbell, songwriters Glen Campbell, Julian Raymond

Best Country Solo Performance - "Something In the Water," Carrie Underwood

Best Country Duo/Group Performance - "Gentle On My Mind," The Band Perry
by Joshua James posted Feb 9 2015 7:47AM
1. Your phone. You touch it up to 150 times per day. A recent study that tested more than 50 phones found 7,000 different types of bacteria on them. So you should be wiping down your phone every single DAY.

2. Your sheets. Millions of dead skin cells end up in the fabric, and attract dust mites. So you should wash them once a week.

You should wash your pillos every three months... not just the cases. Most pillows are washable. And you shold vacuum or steam your mattress every six months.

3. Bras. They come in contact with a LOT of sweat. So you're supposed to handwash them in the sink every two or three times you wear them.

4. Kitchen towels. You should only use them ONCE before washing them again. Last year, a study fond E. coli on 24% of kitchen towels. And they're the dirtiest things in people's kitchens.

5. Your purse. You should wipe down the outside AND inside with antibacterial wipes once a week. Because everything you put in there comes in contact with bacteria.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 9 2015 7:42AM
25-year-old Robert Phillips of Palm Beach, Florida has been convicted of seven felonies for weapons, drugs and assault ... and clearly he's not quite done with his life of crime yet.

Robert was arrested last Tuesday after he smashed a stolen Hyundai into an unmarked police car ... and then led the cops on a high speed chase. He was busted with heroin, $2,316 in cash, crack cocaine, needles and a gun.

Then as he was being booked, a cop was asking him questions for his booking form. And when the cop asked Robert for his occupation, Robert said, quote, "DRUG DEALER."

He's still in jail on $242,000 bail ... the police say he didn't get a break for being so honest on his form.
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by Joshua James posted Feb 6 2015 1:02PM
Can't make this stuff up...

44-year-old Chad Spohn of Waterford, Ohio has a pet pig named Millie that he's raised since she was a piglet. And he clearly loves her... there are photos on his Facebook page of them cuddling together.

But Chad and Millie got into their worst fight ever on Saturday... When Millie found Chad's WEED stash..and ATE all of it.

So Chad promptly had a meltdown. He was so angry he drank a bottle of Everclear... that's 190-proof grain alcohol.

His Wife Heather called the cops and said Chad was threatening to hurt himself. Yes, the guy with a pet pig and a weed obsession has a wife.

But Chad fought with the cops when they showed up, so he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

At least he isn't facing any drug charges, because Millie ate all the evidence!

yup.. true story.. wow!

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by Joshua James posted Feb 5 2015 11:37AM
Most dates are just a series of awkward moments. But which are the MOST awkward?

A new survery found the ten most awkward moments on a date... although some aren't "awkward" so much as "horrible things that can happen on a date."

1. When the other person doesn't show up.
2. When you spill on yourself.
3. When someone LEAVES in the middle of the date.
4. Not knowing how to react when the other person burps.
5. When the server brings the bill.
6. When someone goes in for a premature kiss.
7. When the other person prematurely invites you back to their place.
8. When you catch someone else's eye, and realize you'd rather be on a date with them.
9. When you have to go to the bathroom... for a LONG TIME!
10. And when you realie you're a terrible match and have nothing in common.

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by Joshua James posted Feb 5 2015 11:21AM
A barber will shame your kids if htey misbehave... by making them look like a bald old man!

More and more parents are turning to CREATIVE punishments for their kids... because it turns out public embarrassment is WAY more effective than grounding or spaking.

Russell Fredrick owns a barbershop called A-1 Kutz in suburban Atlanta.. and he's come up with a new service to help parents punish their misbehaving sons.

If your son has been acting up, you can take him to A-1 Kutz in suburban Atlanta and ask for the "Benjamin Button Special"... where a barber will cut his hair to make him look like a BALDING OLD MAN.

They shave the top of his head completely, and just leave a ring of hair around his ears and the back of his head. Basically, it makes the kid look like he's got male pattern baldness.

And Russell is providing the service for FREE. He says he tested it out on his 12-year-old son last year... and his kid instantly started behaving better and getting MUCH better grades.

He says he's gotten criticism from people who say it's emotional abuse, but he thinks it's a better option than using physical punishment.. and way more effective.

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People : Russell Fredrick
by Joshua James posted Feb 5 2015 10:46AM
Earlier this week Dierks Bentley swung by Ellen to perform his new hit "Say You Do" .. check it out!

by Joshua James posted Feb 5 2015 10:33AM

On Sunday, Grammy nominated Eric Church will take a break from his national tour to perform at the ceremony. Seventy percent of an artist's income depends on live shows and it's a job like no other, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.
At 11 p.m. in Fresno, California, 8,500 people are about to leave Church -- country star Eric Church. Seconds after he steps off stage, a show of a different sort kicks into high gear. In just two hours, the entire production -- 170 tons of equipment -- will get ripped out and put on the road 220 miles to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Play Video Surprising Eric Church's biggest fans "My job is to make order out of the chaos," stage manager Sam Coats said. That means herding more than 100 crew members as they disassemble and move everything off the arena floor. Eighty feet overhead, riggers perform a high-wire act detaching a massive lighting grid. "Everything above our head to the ground will go with us," Coats said. "A hundred thousand pounds of 'rock your city.'" The stage is broken down in pieces, and along with every amp, coiled cable and barricade, rolled into one of 14 big-rig trucks. They call it the "truck circus" but it's no place for clowns; it's serious business maneuvering 75-foot-long semis past each other with inches to spare. The right truck must get to the right dock at the right time, so every piece of the show can get stacked inside the same way every night. "A short day for us is 18 hours," tour manager Todd Bunch said. The only time Bunch has to himself is a few hours each night rolling between cities on one of 12 buses. "This is a very large scale production," Bunch said. And also very expensive. "Just rolling down the road in 14 trucks and 12 buses, the fuel costs alone is amazing," Bunch said. The drive from Fresno to the Staples Center, he said, could cost a quarter of a million dollars. According to Church's management company, his current tour will run nine months and cost $19 million. The stage alone is $3 million, or $100,000 per week, truck and buses, $3.9 million, lighting, video and audio $2.5 million and almost $2 million more to pay the crew. But Bunch says they're worth every penny. "We have the best, hardest-working, coolest laid-back crew," he said. At 3 a.m., most of that crew is still going strong over on "Crew Force One," the party bus. By 7 a.m., the caravan hits downtown Los Angeles -- 26 over-sized vehicles weaving through rush-hour traffic on their way to Staples Center. The crew gets right to work, led by lead rigger Lance Stoner. "The Grammys have already come in here and hung a bunch of stuff, so I have a whole Grammy sound system that's already up in the air, in the way," Stoner said. "Nothing's changed until they change my mind for me." Setting up the show takes six hours, three times longer than it took to tear down. The lighting grid goes up, the stage rolls underneath, barricades and chairs fall into place -- all in time for a 3 p.m. soundcheck."Those guys are my family. They would have my back in any situation and I would have theirs," Church said. It's a loyalty born out of nine months living together on the road. Most of the team has been with Church since he was playing small, back-roads clubs. "It's embarrassing -- just the number of trucks. You know. It's a bunch of trucks, a bunch of stuff," Church said. But he said he felt like it was their moment to go big and he knows he's got to nail the show. "I don't think we ever have any of the other success without it," Church said. Showtime was 9 p.m. as 15,000 fans waited inside Staples Center. Church makes his way to the stage -- more than 2,000 man hours of work all lead to that moment. But first, a ritual, right before stepping into the spotlight: a group shot of Jack Daniels -- a toast to all the work that brought them here. "They have busted their a-- since 7 a.m. and they have been out there doing what they do and I get to, for them, spike the ball," Church said. That celebration is intense, but short-lived. Two sweat-soaked hours after it begins, it's all over, and it's time to pack it all up, and put it back on the road, again. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE >>

by Joshua James posted Feb 4 2015 1:13PM
If you're single on Valentine's Day, it's easy to get annoyed by everyone shoving it in your face all day. But even if you ARE in a relationship... it's ALSO annoying to see those couples who don't have your restraint.

A new survey found the five most annoying things about Valentine's Day... voted on by both single people AND people in relationships...

1. PDA! (Public displays of affection)
2. A flood of pictures on social media from people bragging about their relationships, the presents they got, and the flowers that showed up for them at work.
3. People talking about Valentine's Day, how good their relationships are, and NOTHING ELSE for the entire day.
4. Seeing couples celebrating everywhere.
5. Not having a date. This applies to people in relationships too, who decided to just do something low-key for Valentine's Day, or celebrate it on another less crowded night... then get jealous.

Agree? Thought so!
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by Joshua James posted Feb 4 2015 12:33PM
So Saturday evening was a bit interesting for Eric Church!

Eric knows what a bummer it is to have your Saturday night plans ruined by a concert cancellation. So rather than pull the plug on his show in Salt Lake City after a stomach bug knocked out most of his band and crew, Eric gave the crowd something special then promised them more to come.

"If you've seen our show so far on this tour, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on right now. Well, so am I. Here's the deal, yesterday we had the stomach flu strike our band, our crew, everyone. We had no one to hang video, lights, nothing. But I'm still here. I'm still standing. We've talked about how every show on the Outsiders Tour is different. Well tonight, will be the most different one. Shit there's nobody left, its just me. I'm going to give you everything I got. We have a couple band guys that feel ok to get up and down here. Here's the deal - on Memorial Day we're going to come back and play the full show. I'm not going anywhere, I'm here to play. Its gunna be crazy."

Here's a video evidence.. this dude is good!

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Location : Salt Lake City
by Joshua James posted Feb 4 2015 8:40AM
At the end of the movie "Office Space", the main character finally finds happiness leaving the terrible corporate world and becoming a construction worker. Should I have said SPOILER ALERT? The movie is 16 years old, guys.

And maybe they were on to something. A new study ranked different industries by how HAPPY their workers are ... and people in construction are the happiest in the country.

The number one reason they gave for being happy was working with great people. Number two was being excited about their projects at work ... and number three is a positive work environment.

It's a pretty broad study, but supposedly the five happiest industries are construction and facilities services ... consumer products and services ... technology ... telecommunication, energy and utilities ... and healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

People in manufacturing were the most unhappy workers ... government and nonprofit workers are the second-most unhappy.
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by Joshua James posted Feb 4 2015 7:38AM
1. Dressing up for work. It might help your posture. According to at least one expert, you're more likely to stand or sit up straight when you're wearing nice clothes.

2. Holding it in when you have to pee. Doing it TOO long can cause urinary tract infections. But running to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge can eventually lead to an overactive bladder, where you feel like you have to pee all the time.

3. Letting minor headaches go away on their own. If you get them constantly, you probably take a lot of painkillers. But that can lead to MORE headaches.

Over time, taking too many painkillers makes you more sensitive to the pain. And it can lead to "rebound headaches" ... also called "medication overuse headaches."

4. Getting stressed out. Short periods of stress ... like making a deadline at work ... can actually help you create new brain cells. If you CAN'T create new brain cells, that's partly true. Most of them are made before you're born.

But a recent study found that a part of your brain associated with memories, learning and emotions DOES keep making new brain cells, even as an adult.
by Joshua James posted Feb 4 2015 7:33AM
"American Sniper" is doing serious business in America, but where where it's not? Iraq. In fact, Baghdad's only movie theater pulled it after just a few screenings, due to complaints from the Iraqi government and several viewers.

One man who illegally downloaded it because he didn't want to pay money to see it says, quote, "It glorifies Americans and makes Iraqis out to be nothing but terrorists. It portrays Americans as strong and noble, and Iraqis as ignorant and violent."

Meanwhile, a man who actually worked alongside U.S.. troops says, quote, "There are some people who loved the Americans and wanted them to stay to help rebuild our country. The movie didn't show any of them."

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Location : Baghdad
by Joshua James posted Feb 3 2015 11:14AM
82-year-old Bud Caldwell of Fund du Lac, Wisconsin lost his wife betty two years ago, after 56 years together. So he bought a bench at local park, dedicated it in her memory, and visits it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Each day, he brings her a daisy and a penny... which have to do with two of their favorite songs, "Pennies from Heaven" and "Daisy a Day".

But after it snowed a few weeks ago, he couldn't get to the bench. Because either last year or the year before, he tried walking through the snow and fell. And he didn't want to risk it again, so he decided to sit in his car, and talk to her from there.

That's when two park employees named Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz found out about it... and started shoveling a PATH from his car the entire way to the bench.

Jerrod and Kevin say they both just knew they had to help Bud out. And they told him they'll make sure the path stays shoveled the rest of the winter.

Now that is AWESOME!

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Location : Wisconsin
by Joshua James posted Feb 3 2015 11:07AM
Facebook is one hell of a drug... we keep going back for more, even though we know it's bad for us.

Check out a list of the top five LITTLE ways Facebook has ruined your life....

1. No one sends you birthday cards anymore... they just post on your wall.
2. People make big announcements with status updates... so you find out important news from your friends at the same time as everyone ELSE who's LESS imporant in their life.
3. You realize other people have cooler lives than you, and you seem pretty boring in comparison.
4. Books, Movies, and TV shows are constantly getting spoiled for you.
5. You get it shoved in your face when someone had a party and didn't invite you.

I bet this list could be LONGER.. just sayin'

by Joshua James posted Feb 3 2015 10:52AM
A woman hasn't SMILED in 40 years... to avoid getting wrinkles!

If you had to choose between enjoying life or having good skin, which would you choose? Hopefully you'd choose enjoying life. This woman did NOT!

50-year-old Tess Christian of London, England says she hasn't smiled in FORTY YEARS... so she can avoid getting wrinkles.

And it's worked pretty well. Looking at her photo, she has pretty good skin.... I wouldn't say she looks 50. 40's definitely... but not 50. So was it worth it?

She says, quote, "My dedication has paid off, I don't have a single line on my face. Yes, I am vain and want to remain youthful" ... even though that meant NEVER smiling, not even when her daughter was born.

Tess says that even though she never smiles, that doesn't necessarily mean she's unhappy. Quote, "My friends nicknamed me Mona Lisa, after the painting. Mona Lisa was said to have been quietly amused , as am I. I just won't show it!


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People : Tess Christian
by Joshua James posted Feb 2 2015 6:54AM
Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show
1. This is a little creepy ... Not only did "Madden '15" predict the Patriots would win the Super Bowl 28 to 24 ... they also predicted that the Pats would have to come back from a 24 to 14 deficit.

2. Seattle Seahawks punter JON RYAN did NOT go the the "University of Vagina" ... even though that's what it sounded like he said in the video where the players introduce themselves at the start of the game.

But Ryan went to the University of Regina, in CANADA. And the way it's pronounced, it RHYMES with "Vagina."

3. Seattle defensive back JEREMY LANE got knocked out of the game in just the first quarter, after getting an interception. Well, he really busted his arm. And a still photo of the injury shows just how nasty it was.

4. Vegas has the Seahawks, not the Patriots, as the favorite to win next year's Super Bowl.

5. Remember when Seahawk DOUG BALDWIN was flagged for his touchdown celebration? Well, NBC cut away from it before we could see what he actually did. That's probably a good thing, because he pretended to poop out the football.

6. RICHARD SHERMAN actually shook TOM BRADY's hand after the game ended.

7. "Guardians of the Galaxy" star CHRIS PATT lost a Super Bowl bet to "Captain America's" CHRIS EVANS. Pratt now has to visit a children's hospital in Massachusetts dressed as his Star Lord character, but with a Tom Brady jersey.

8. In a pregame interview, PRESIDENT OBAMA talked about the Deflate-Gate and brewing beer in the White House. He also refused to pick a winner, because he didn't want to alienate fans of either of them. And I'm sure Republicans will notices that he drank his beer with his PINKY UP.

9. SETH ROGEN tweeted a picture of HIS "Super Bowl." I think you know where this is going.

10. Did KANYE WEST smile at all during the Super Bowl weekend?

by Joshua James posted Feb 2 2015 6:49AM
On one hand, you want to laugh at this guy for his horrible taste in booze. But on the other hand, what a proud American!

A guy broke into a liquor store in Hibbing, Minnesota early Wednesday. Did he grab vintage bottles of wine? Maybe some fancy champagne? One of those giant bottles of Grey Goose?

Nope. He ignored all the expensive stuff ... and JUST stole three 18-packs of KEYSTONE LIGHT.

The three cases of Keystone Light have a total value of $44.99. The cost of the glass door he broke to get in was a couple thousand dollars. The cops are trying to track him down.
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by Joshua James posted Feb 2 2015 6:35AM
We've heard plenty of stories about women auctioning off their VIRGINITY ... and as long as they don't get busted for prostitution, they're usually pretty successful.

So what happens when a GUY tries the same thing?

29-year-old Seb Ciercies of Brasov, Romania is a virgin ... and he's also in serious debt. So a few weeks ago, he put an ad in the newspaper ... for just $1,000, YOU could have sex with him and take his virginity.

And he's received ... zero bids.

Seb says, quote, "I don't understand it. I'm a good-looking guy with a good physique. I'm healthy, I'm no BRAD PITT but I'm not ugly either. I forgot to specify male or female in the ad and I didn't even get any gay takers.

"It doesn't do much for your self-esteem to be rejected by absolutely everybody in the world."

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