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by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 12:18PM

Brad Paisley has agreed to make a dream come true for a young musician named Blaze — and the guitarist has YouTube to thank for it.

According to his website, Blaze got his first guitar at the age of five — the same year he saw his first Kiss concert and decided that he would devote his life to music. He has been playing professionally since age 12, and gigs with his band around Las Vegas. He has developed a lightning-fast pick technique that incorporates influences from classic blues to metal and '70s arena rock, but in recent years he has become enamored of country music, which first caught his ear due to Paisley's technical proficiency on the guitar.

The young guitarist set his sights on getting to jam with Paisley, and he wrote and recorded a song titled 'Brad Paisley' that is based around the tag line, "I wanna jam with Brad Paisley."

The song details all the things the young musician would be willing to do to make that dream come true — including mowing Paisley's lawn — and features him in a number of humorous situations with someone who's had Paisley's face dubbed in over his own. The track's outro also features Blaze in a jaw-dropping trade-off guitar solo, partly as himself, and partly as "Paisley," in which he emulates Brad's style in places.

It didn't take long for Blaze to get his wish. He posted the video to YouTube on Jan. 20, and the following day, Paisley himself took to Twitter to accept his offer.

Read More: Brad Paisley Agrees to Jam With Young Guitarist |

by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:24AM
Americans have never exactly had a reputation for being PATIENT... we want things FAST, we want them NOW, and if at all possible, we'd also like them LOUD and covered in GRAVY. But mostly fast.

A new survey looked at just HOW impatient we are these days. Here are the five best results:

1. 96% of us will eat or drink something really hot...even though it burns our mouth. And 63% of us do it repeatedly.

2. The majority of us will hang up after being on hold for a minute or less.

3. 71% of us break the speed limit.

4. We check out phone an average of eight times waiting for a response from someone we're dating.

5. And more than half of us honk at the person in front of us if they don't go the SECOND the light turns green.
by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:17AM
Seattle Seahawks running back MARSHAWN LYNCH hasn't participated in media sessions all season. He usually just picks a word or phrase, and answers every question the same way, no matter what it is.

Yesterday was no different. During the Super Bowl's "Media Day," Marshawn answered about 30 questions over the course of five minutes with variations of the phrase: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

He did once stop the press questions briefly to blow a kiss to a fan and tell she was, quote, "sexy too."
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by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:10AM
Hackers took over TAYLOR SWIFT's Twitter and Instagram account yesterday, and threatened to post NUDE PHOTOS of her.

But after Taylor got control of her accounts back, she made a JOKE out of it, Tweeting, quote, "Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack ..."

On a more serious note she also said there are NO nude photos to post...quote, "Any hackers saying they have 'nudes'? Psssh you'd love that wouldn't you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING."

The hackers did post some of Taylor's supposed text conversations...including one with NICK JONAS. But nothing scandalous.
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by Joshua James posted Jan 27 2015 1:25PM
Did you know research has actually PROVEN that wearing glasses can make you seem smarter? A survey in 2011 found that 43% of poeple think glasses ABSOLUTELY make you look more intelligent.

Here are four MORE weird things that can make you appear smarter...

1. Walk at the same speed as other people. A study in 2007 found that when you walk faster OR slower than the people around you, you're seen as being less intelligent and competent than when you walk at the same pace.

2. Avoid alcohol. And not just because you're dumber when you've been drinking. A 2013 study found that just HOLDING a drink makes you seem less intelligent.

3. Use your middle initial. In a study last year, people's writing samples were rated more favorably when a middle initial was included in their byline.

4. Avoid using big words. Which is weird, because you'd think big words would make you seem smarter. But a study in 2006 found the opposite is true. SIMPLE writing makes you seem more intelligent than jamming in a bunch of words no one knows.

Now that'll make you think... do you agree??

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by Joshua James posted Jan 27 2015 10:24AM
SO this clip is a few years old but it's still pretty funny... Toby Keith's NEW single is "Drunk American's" .. here's a clip of Toby dealing with one at a show a few years back!

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by Joshua James posted Jan 26 2015 1:28PM
The FIVE weirdest things the TSA found last year.... Including a knife in an enchilada, and razorblades in a Scooby Doo greeting card.....

We all get annoyed when TSA decides to give our bags an extra check. Everyone says, "Why would they go after me? shouldn't they be looking for terrorists?" Well... here's why.

The TSA just released its report on all the illegal stuff they found in 2014... and there's a ton of it. They found 2,212 guns, or an average of six per day. They also found drugs, explosives, knives, ninja throwing stars, and so much more.

Here are the FIVE craziest things the TSA found in 2014...

1. An 8.5 inch knife inside an enchilada... at Sonoma County Airport in California

2. An alarm clock that looks like dynamite... at Kansas City International Airport in Missouri.

3. Three pounds of cocaine inside a package of raw meat... at San Jose International Airport in California.

4. Razorblades inside a Scooby Doo gretting card... at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.

5. A boomerang shaped like the "Batman" logo... at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 26 2015 8:45AM
You know a mother would do ANYTHING to help her children... even it that "anything" is a felony that she didn't clear with him first.

53-year-old Lucia Evangelista of West Palm Beach, Florida felt bad for her son because his car was a serious financial burden on him. So when he was in Florida back in August, she saw her opportunity to help him out.

She took his car, drove it to a secluded spot...doused it in gasoline, and set it on FIRE.

Her son got back about three weeks later, and realized his car was missing. And eventually, he realized his MOM was the one who'd stolen it and torched it. He did NOT appreciated her "help" ... and reported her to the cops.

The police investigated ... and Lucia was arrested last Wednesday for felony arson.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 26 2015 8:38AM
The quesion "should you rent or buy" doesn't just apply to homes anymore ... it applies to prety much EVERYTHING. Here are six weird things you can save money on by renting.

1) Legos. ... spelled P-L-E-Y ... rents Lego sets for as low as $15 a month, with free shipping. And every time you send one back, you get a new set.

2) Designer dresses. lets you rent stuff for up to eight days. Then you send it back, and THEY dry clean it. A $500 dress costs about 30 bucks to rent, and you can also buy accessories.

3) Artwork. A website called rents paintings for as low as $10 a month, with free shipping. You just send them back when you want to, like Netflix.

4) Goats. is for people who want an eco-friendly way to clear huge areas of weeds and grass. Instead of mowing it, the goat just eats it.

5) Caskets. A lot of funeral homes offer casket rentals now. It's mostly for people who want to be cremated, but their family wants to have a funeral first.

6) Wedding cakes. On, you can rent a Styrofoam cake covered in real icing. They mail it to you, and there's a section cut out with a REAL slice. To cut and eat for wedding pictures. Then you serve everyone else sheet cake.

by Joshua James posted Jan 23 2015 1:26PM
So we are all relationship "experts"... ok not really but 10 tips for surviing the first year of a new relationship...

"Cosmopolitan" has a bunch of tips on how to get through the first year of a new relationship. Here are their 10 best pieces of advice...

1. Stop picking fights about things you don't really care about.
2. Be generous with compliments.
3. Spend plenty of time with your friends. Yes, even at teh beginning when you're totally obsessed with each other.
4. Go on dates.
5. Try new things together.... even if it's just a new kind of food.
6. Get to know their friends in doses.
7. Make sure you tell them when something really matters to you.
8. Don't only tell your friends about the negative sides of your relationship.
9. Don't snoop.
10. Apologize when you know you're wrong.

Some helpful pointers? Thoughts?
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by Joshua James posted Jan 23 2015 12:41PM
So.. Have you noticed? No one takes selfies with the "Duck Face" anymore... Now it's all about the "Surprise Face"

Up until now, the classic face in selfies has been the DUCK FACE... if you don't know that term, it's where you pucker your lips like you're about to kiss someone and stick them out like a duck..

BUT the duck face is OUT! Today's selfies are all about the "surprise face."

In the surprise face, you open your eyes and mouth wide, like you just heard something shocking.

Why is the surprise face taking over? Because it's way more FLATTERING than the duck face.

With a surprise face, your eyes look bigger and better... your face doesn't wrinkle up like it does when you smile or make a duck face... your lips look fuller... and it elongates your face to make it look thinner...

Agree? You're welcome!
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by Joshua James posted Jan 23 2015 11:13AM
The Top 20 Things We Constantly Worry About!

I'm not sure I know anyone who lives their life completly worry-free.... Except MAYBE babies and the Amish.... The rest of us are all so deep into our own heads it's amazing we haven't all had epic meltdowns.. or have you already done that?

A new survey foudn the 20 most common things we constantly worry about. Check 'em out...

1. Getting old.
2. Your savings and financial future.
3. Low energy levels.
4. Your diet.
5. Debt.
6. Job security.
7. Wrinkles or otherwise looking old.
8. Your physique.
9. Paying the rent or mortgage.
10. Always feeling generally unhappy.
11. Needing to find a new job.
12. Whether or not you're attractive.
13. Whether or not your significant other still loves you.
14. Finding the right partner... or if the partner you picked was the right person.
15. A fight with a friend or family member.
16. Whether or not you're a good parent.
17. Work goals and pressures.
18. If you're fashionable.
19. Your pet's health.
20. Crime.

... can you relate?

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by Joshua James posted Jan 22 2015 12:15PM
Shocked Computer Nerd
Women are NINE times more likely to want a geek husband than a jock husband..

Man, '80s movies must be rolling over in their graves! Thirty years later, the pendulum has FULLY swung... geeks run the world and jocks are OUT.

A new survey asked women if they'd rather marry a guy who's a tech entrepreneur or a football player. 45% said a tech guy and just 5% said a football player.... which means women were NINE TIMES more likely to go for a geek than a jock.

The survey also found 58% of people think being called a tech geek is a compliment.

88% think having tech geek skills will help you get a job.

And 60% think a tech geek has the best chance of anyone to become a BILLIONAIRE.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 21 2015 11:37AM
Florida Georgia Line received an awesome gift from Ellen. Click the link below to find out what it was:

Watch the guys perform their new single "Sun Daze" on the Ellen Show here:

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by Joshua James posted Jan 21 2015 11:27AM
It's not lonely or sad at all to pay $25-a-month to CATFISH YOURSELF.

Two new services just launched, called Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend... and they both create the most authentic looking FAKE relationship possible for you.

They cost $24.99 per month ... which includes 100 texts from your fake boyfriend or girlfriend, including responses when you text them... plus 10 voicemails, one handwritten note and even some photos.

The founders say the texts and calls won't come form a robot... they've figured out a "secret sauce" that seems to combine auto responses and real responses from humans to make everything seem as real as possible.

So why would someone sign up? The founders proposed a few scenarios: Tricking your Bible belt grandparents so they don't know you're gay... practicing for how you'd handle a real relationship... or fending off a coworker who's hitting on you.

You can sign up for the service at or
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by Joshua James posted Jan 21 2015 9:44AM
Celebrities cane make a LOT of money. But that doesn't mean they can manage it. Some celebrities have gone from RICH to BROKE. Here are five of them:

KIM BASIGNER filed for bankruptcy in 1993, with a net worth of $5.4 million. That's because a movie studio sued her for $8.1 million for backing out of the film "Boxing Helena".

She ended up settling for $3.8 million, and is currently worth $36 million.

At the time of her bankruptcy, Basinger was already hurting because in 1989, she bought an ENTIRE TOWN in Georgia for $20 million. Her idea of turning it into a tourist attraction with movie studios and film festivals went bust.

MEAT LOAF is back on top again with a net worth of $36 million, but after his HUGE success in the '70s, he had to file for bankruptcy in the '80s after he was sued by his songwriter Jim Steinman.

WILLIE NELSON's financial collapse was pretty legendary. In the early '80s, the IRS decided that a tax shelter he has invested in was illegal, and hit him with a tax bill of $16.7 milion... one of the highest in history.

His lawyer bargained it down to $6 million but he didn't fully pay it off until 1993. No big deal though. These days he's got $25 million in the bank.

MC HAMMER is another guy whose names is synonymous with financial calamity. After he released the 1990 album "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em", he went on a run that earned him $33 million.

But, he went on a spending spree that included, quote, "employing 200 people in my community." In 1996, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming $1 million in assets and $10 million in debts.

He hasn't really bounced back to the extent that other celebrities have As of 2013, he reportedly owed the IRS $800,000.

NICOLAS CAGE made more than $150 million between 1996 and 2011. But he also spent like a MANIAC on things like an actual dinosaur skull, a private island in the Bahamas, a pyramid-shaped tomb in New Orleans, and a castle in Germany.

In 2009 the IRS said he owed more than $6.5 million in back taxes. He sued his business manager, claiming HE was the one who screwed up the tax situation, and also caused him catastrophic losses through bad investments.

It's not clear how much Cage has bounced back, but the fact that he's taking seemingly every job that comes his way, including "Left Behind" movie, isn't a good sign.
by Joshua James posted Jan 20 2015 11:01AM
Never.. and I mean NEVER doubt a parent's ability to multitask..

35-year-old Ernest Gaston of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was driving his teenage daughter to high school on Friday morning when the cops tried to pull him over. And Ernest did NOT want that.

We're not sure why... it's not clear if he had outstanding warrants or something... but he sped off. The cops went after him, and the chase was on!

And Ernest led the cops to.. his daughter's high school, so he could drop her off. He stopped, she got out of the car... and then he sped away from the school with the cops still chasing him.

They eventually caught him when he collided with an SUV. He was hospitalized with minor injuries and hit with a ton of charges, including eluding and child endangerment...

really dude? Dad of the year award. DON'T MISS CLASS HONEY!

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by Joshua James posted Jan 20 2015 10:01AM
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by Joshua James posted Jan 19 2015 9:52AM
Tighty-whities turn 80 years old today. A company in Chicago started selling them on January 19th, 1935. Before that, guys mostly wore boxer shorts, long underwear, or nothing. Here are four way your underwear can affect your health.

1. Fertility. you've probably heard that tighty-whities can affect a guy's sperm count. And studies HAVE actually backed that up. It has to do with temperature.

Ideally, a guy's junk should be two or three degrees cooler than his body temperature. But tight underwear prevents that, because it keeps everything closer to the body.

2. Silk underwear can give you jock itch. Most of the time, jock itch is caused by a combination of of eczema, a slight fungal infection, and sweat. And silk isn't very absorbent, so people with jock itch are usually told to wear cotton underwear.

3. Spanx can give you nerve pain. They've been linked to something called "maralgia paresthetica." (pronounced mer-AL-gee-uh pair-es-THET-ica.)

Basically, they irritate the nerves in your abdomen and thighs, and cause tingling, numbness or burning. It usually goes away if you stop wearing them, though.

4. Black underwear can give you a rash. A compound called PPD is used as black dye in a lot of CHEAP underwear. And a lot of people are allergic to it.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 19 2015 9:44AM
So... if your wallet fell in a dumpster, how far would YOU go to get it back?

A guy in Sacramento, California went dumpster diving for his lost wallet on Tuesday morning... and he really went for it. He was inside the dumpster, rifling through bags of trash, trying to dind it. And that's pretty bad... but his story quickly got way worse.

While he was in there... a garbage truck came to empty out the dumpster. The truck lifted up the dumpster and unloaded its entire contents into the back of the truck... including the guy!

He was in there for around THREE HOURS before the truck got to the landfill, dumped the garbage... and the driver saw the guy crawl out.

The police say the guy is REALLY lucky the driver saw him; if he hadn't the trash was about to be bulldozed and compacted, and the guy would have DIED.

The guy went to the hospital with back and neck pain.
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by Joshua James posted Jan 16 2015 10:40AM
So apparently the average woman says it takes one year and seven months of a relationship before she starts to relax about her appearance and let her significant other know what she's actually doing in the bathroom to make herself look so good....

So what IS she actually doing?

A new survey found the top five things women do in the bathroom that they're most likely to keep a secret... and all five involve body hair.

They are:

1. Plucking whiskers
2. Waxing facial hair
3. Waxing or shaving the bikini line
4. Plucking nose hairs
5. Bleaching facial hair

The survey also found 70% of men are FINE not knowing all of the little details of their wife or girlfriend's beauty routine.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 15 2015 11:04AM
So your phone is giving you wrinkles, sagging skin, and drooping jowls...

Apparently the average person looks down at their phone up to 150 times a day... and we're getting to the point where now, our bodies are fighting back.

A study just found that we're developing all sorts of unattractive side effects from always looking down at our phones. Constantly bending your neck leads to sagging skin.. drooping jowls.. and wrinkles at the bottom of your neck that shouldn't show up until you're much, much older!

A dermatologist out of London who helped on the study says, quote, "Neck skin starts off finer... (so) it wrinkles more readily and the fat of the neck may sag."

There are all sorts of creams and stuff you can buy to help fight the effects of staring at your phone... or, you know, you could just NOT stare down at it so much.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 15 2015 9:11AM
So Kip Moore is one of those artists that LOVES to be out on the road. Just announced Kip and his crew are headed out on the road with Dierks Bentley and his "Sounds of Summer Tour"... The tour also will welcome new artists Canaan Smith and Maddie & Tae out on the road. The 40 city trek will kick off in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 5th....Kip was nice enough to take you on a tour of his TOUR BUS.. Can you believe 13 or 14 dudes cram in to that bad boy?

by Joshua James posted Jan 14 2015 10:02AM

Since some celebrities... and the CHILDREN of celebrities... don't NEED to go to college, they basically abandon their education. But not ALL of them do that.

Here's a list of 15 RICH & FAMOUS people who are currently enrolled in college:

1. Former "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones.. left the show after 10 seasons to dedicate himself to Christianity. He's now a sophomore at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and he also tours the country speaking at churches.

2. Jamie Foxx's gorgeous daughter Corinne is a junior at the University of Southern California. She's majoring in public relations, and is also a cheerleader.

3. Dakota Fanning is a senior at Gallatin, the small interdisciplinary college within New York University that provides "individualized study"

4. Graham Phillips plays Zach Florrick on "The Good Wife", but he also attends Princeton, where he's halfway through his sophomore year.

5. Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is just starting her second semester of college at Michigan State. She's interested in studying psychology and entrepreneurship.

6. Jack Gleeson played despised "game of Thrones" villain Joffrey Baratheon, and now he plans to retire from professional acting. He's a senior at Trinity College in Dublin and is studying philosophy and theology.

7. Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan's son Jack Quaid was in "Hunger Games" as the guy who kills Rue... but he also creates comedy sketches with friends on YouTube and Vine, and is a senior at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. His "hunger Games" co-stars Cato and Foxface are at USC and Standford.

8. Despite amassing 2.7 million subscribers, YouTube star Jon Cozart is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin, where he's studying English and writing. He also performs with an improv comedy group called Gigglepants.

9. Diddy's son Justin Combs is attending UCLA on a $54,000 football scholarship. He's a marketing major in his junior year.

10. Justine Bateman played Mallory Keaton on "Family Ties" back in the day, and even though she's now 48 years old, she's studying computer science at UCLA. She's a junor... and has a Tumblr called "College Life"

11. Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon, enrolled in college this fall at the University of Michigan, where she's a freshman studying at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Madonna also went there, before leaving for her music career.

12. Miranda Cosgrove took a break from acting to get the real college experience at USC. Although she says she ultimately wants to act again... she's currently a film major in her junior year.

13. Despite all the chaors in Patrick Schwarzenegger's life... mostly courtesy of his girlfriend Miley Cyrus.. he's apparently still a jnior at USC.

14. Raven Symone is a freshman at teh Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

15. Coutnry singer Scotty McCreery is studying at North Carolina State. Although he wants to continue with music, he's currently a junior studying communications!

by Joshua James posted Jan 13 2015 12:59PM
After a relationship ends, your friends give you a few days to grieve... then IMMEDIATELY try to help you get over it. But maybe that's the wrong move...

A new study found that the best way to get over a breakup is... NOT getting over it. At least not right away..

Psychologists at Northwestern University in Illionis studied more than 200 people who'd recently experienced a breakup and examined how they handled it. They found the people who spent time thinking about their breakup, talking about their breakup, and dwelling on their breakup, actually had faster recoveries than people who immediately tried to move on. The researches believe it's because people in relationships wind up having their personalities deeply intertwined. By focusing on the breakup, it made it easier to "untangle" yourself, rediscover your independent personality, and move on!


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by Joshua James posted Jan 13 2015 11:01AM
What else is there to say... Luke Bryan sang "That's My Kind of Night" after sucking in some helium.

THank you, Luke!

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by Joshua James posted Jan 12 2015 11:42AM
Join us as we broadcast LIVE tomorrow evening in at Gold's Gym Liberty!

Do you like events that are FREE, FIT and FUN? Then don't miss Gold's Gym January 2015 FIT FEST!

--> CONSULTATIONS from local businesses including LIberty Nutrition, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dr. Jackson's Teeth Whitening, Lance Massage Heights, Rockstar Energy, The Rim, Gail Whitaker with pampered Chefs and many more!

We'll be LIVE from 6PM - 8PM!
by Joshua James posted Jan 12 2015 10:48AM
A little too bright and shiny - not to mention MOIST! Celebrities spent hours prepping for the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, only to have their blowouts and expertly made-up faces ruined inside the SAUNA that was the Beveryly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday!

Stars like Clive Owen, Julianna Margulies, Katherine Heigl, and Frances McDormand looked far from pleased with the steamy conditions inside the hotel's grand ballroom.

According to Vanity Fair, the air conditioning in the hotel was entirely shut down. In Beverly Hills, the temperatures were in the mid- '50's, drizzling with dreary rain, which lent itself to incredibly high humidity. This, it seems, was the reason why everyone appeared disheveled and rumpled.

Celebrities in the audience looked svitzy inside the hotel.. for example Oprah, whose eyeliner smudged several hours into the evening. A bearded Matthew McConaughey removed his suit jacket in an attempt to bear the rising temperatures, and was seen wiping the sides of his face at one point!

Note to the Beverly Hills Hilton.. Turn On The AC!
by Joshua James posted Jan 6 2015 1:51PM
Tim & Faith Sold some of the farm... & they're selling more!

A family from Houston, Texas has purchased 131 acres of land from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's farm in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee. The Tennessean reports that Brian and Carin Terp bought the property for a cool $3 million bucks. According to the paper, the Terps plan to build a home on the land that they purchased from the country power couple. The land is part of Tim and Faith's 752-acre farm that htey used as a second home. McGraw and Hill are still selling the remaining 621 acres of the property, which is available as a whole for $18.5 million or as two separate properties . If sold separately, the properties will fetch $10 million for 353 acres and $8.5 million for 268 acres... so who wants to buy it?

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by Joshua James posted Jan 6 2015 12:41PM
It takes about ten days to change your sleep schedule. Meaning that if you wake up at the same time for ten days straight, your body will start doing it naturally... as long as you get enough sleep. Here are three ticks that can help.

1. Set a nighttime alarm. Meaning an alarm to remind you it's almost time for bed. According to one expert, if you need to get in bed by 11, an alarm reminding you at 10:30 will make you more likely to actually DO IT.

2. Try a computer program called "FLUX" It's available for PC's and Macs, and automatically dims your screen at night. You probably know this by now, but staring at a bright screen tricks your body into thinking the sun is still up, so you don't feel tired.

3. Get some ACTUAL sun as soon as you wake up. Sitting in the sun for just 10 to 15 minutes can help wake you up. And it also resets your internal clock, so you're more likely to feel tired later that night.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 6 2015 12:16PM

It's a fascinating look into human psychology.. how we continuously post stupid, embarrassing, and potentially damaging stuff on social media...YET we REFUSE to stop. What's wrong with us?

According to a new survey, the average person has posted 17 things on social media that they regret.. and A LOT of those posts were made DRUNK!

The average person also posts 10 things every year that they quickly delete. And one in three people have gotten in trouble with their BOSS over something they posted online.

Here are the top 15 things people most regret posting on social media...

1. Unflattering photos
2. Drunk photos
3. Immature comments
4. Boring status updates
5. Emotional outbursts
6. Posts with an opinion you don't have anymore
7. Photos of you doing things you shouldn't have been doing
8. Photos in skimpy clothing or underwear
9. Loving comments about an ex
10. Bad language
11. Controversial opinions that got people offended
12. Jokes that showed bad taste
13. Unpleasant comments about someone
14. Vain selfies
15. Pictures of food

There ya go! Guilty?
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by Joshua James posted Jan 5 2015 10:39AM
So the first new social media trend of 2015... Sucking Helium, Then BURPING!

We're only FIVE days into 2015 and we've already got the first new social media trend of the year. And boy, is this one DUMB.

Apparently people are posting videos where they suck down some helium... then BURP. So if everyhting goes well, the burm is extremly high pitched and sounds ridiculous. Obviously it's not dangerous to suck a little helium out of a balloon... We've all done it and we're all fine.

BUT.. if you breathe in TOO much helium, you deprive your body of oxygen and could pass out, which is dangerous.. We do not reccomend that you try this at home.

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