Smart, talented, handsome, legendary & rich.
Those are attributes of Tater…I mean to say, Tater’s favorite actor; Denzel Washington.

What’s up with the what’s up!
Tater comes to KC from Illinois, where he first fell in love with the radio industry. If you ever spot Tater smiling & laughing all by himself, don’t worry he’s not too starched up, he’s just happy to be alive! Tater believes in hard work, but remember you can always work hard & have a great time as well. His favorite movie is ‘The Pest’, if you’ve ever seen it, then you’ll completely understand him. Tater Manor is where he resides with his two cats & the love of his life, Megan. She also has a nickname (Smiggity Miggity Moo). The greatest opportunity ever was for him to land a spot with the fantastic Q104 family!