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For The Love Of All Things URBAN!

by TJ McEntire posted Apr 30 2014 6:09PM

Surrounded by Females, Keith Urban Says It’s Drama at Home


Could Keith Urban be anymore appealing? I have been a long time fan, and the years make him more endearing! Check this out, he's charming as always! Pretty sure he is Mike Kennedy's man crush...and that's A-OK with me, since he's my man crush as well...since 19 Ninety something! That Nicole is one lucky gal! I was lucky enough to meet her briefly once, and she was beautiful and charming, not a single movie star air about her...DANG IT I wanted to hate her lol! They are adorable don't believe anything you read in the tabs! Nothing but love KU! TJ
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04/30/2014 5:09PM
For The Love Of All Things URBAN!
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05/01/2014 1:09AM
Keith Urban
So agree TJ with what you said about Keith. He is such a great artist and the best part he is a terrific person too. He is so genuine and caring. So happy that he has his 3 beautiful girls to share his life.
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