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by Joshua James posted Apr 22 2015 7:39AM
We've ALL had one of those moments when we just wanted to punch our computer for running slow or crashing ... but eventually it all starts working again, feeds us some porn, and we reconcile. Not this guy.

38-year-old Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs, Colorado says he and his Dell computer have been, quote, "fighting ... for the last several months."

Their war finally ended on Monday night when Lucas took it out to a back alley, and unloaded his GUN on it. He wound up putting eight bullets into the computer, which killed it.

Unfortunately for him, other people heard the gunshots and called the cops. Lucas was arrested for discharging a firearm within city limits.
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by Joshua James posted Apr 22 2015 7:34AM
No matter how stressful your job is, it's not as hard as getting your kid to put on pants, eat a waffle and make it to school on time.

A new study of 2.3 million parents found that the most stressful moment of their day is ... 7:35 A.M..

And obviously that doesn't have anything to do with what's happening at work. It has everything to do with trying to get your kids dressed, fed and out of the house on time.

Parents also spend an average or 23 minutes a day making breakfast ... which comes out to 140 hours per year.

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by Joshua James posted Apr 22 2015 6:41AM
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is pretty dedicated to staying fit ... and when he's not making himself emaciated to play AIDS patients, he always looks fantastic. But it might surprise you to learn that weight training has little to do with it.

He says, quote, "I go whatever the role I'm playing needs. So if I'm doing an action movie or a football player, I go to the gym and hit the weights. I haven't done anything like that in years, so I haven't really picked up a weight in four years."

Matt says he's doing a Civil War movie now, and he has to stay at 174 pounds, so he's just doing sit-ups and push-ups.
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by Joshua James posted Apr 21 2015 8:47AM
We know it's trendy for companies to ask weird job interview questions to see how you think on your feet. Like, "If a train leaves Boston at 3:00 and another one leaves San Diego at 6:00, what color is Mel Gibson's favorite fish?"

It's fine to get a little thrown off by a random question... as long as you make sure you're NOT thrown off by the standard ones. Here's a list of the 10 most common interview questions, based on a study by the job website Glassdoor....

1. What are your Strengths?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. Why are you interested in working here?

4. Where do you see yourself in five years? What about in ten years?

5. Why do you want to leave your current company?

6. Why do you have gaps in your job history?

7. What can you offer us that someone else can't?

8. What are three things your former boss would want you to improve on?

9. Are you willing to relocate?

10. Are you willing to travel?

(business insider)
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by Joshua James posted Apr 21 2015 8:42AM
If digital photography didn't exist and we were all still using film, it would REALLY help us with our vanity.

A new survey asked people how many SELFIES they take before they finally have one they like enough to post online.

Women take an average of SIX before they have on that's good enough to post.

Men take an average of FOUR.

The survey found 41% of people don't like how they look in most pictures... and they even feel BAD about themselves when they see photos that other people took of them.
by Joshua James posted Apr 20 2015 6:48AM
ESPN suspended reporter BRITT MCHENRY for one week, after video of her going of on a parking lot attendant hit the Web. And it's easy to see why they took her off the air. She goes full-on MEAN GIRL on her victim. And it's really kind of infuriating.

It all started because Britt's car got towed in Arlington, Virginia. In the video, she tells the woman, quote, "I'm in the news, sweetheart. I will [effing] sue this place." But then she gets SERIOUSLY personal.

She says, quote, "I wouldn't work in a scumbag place like this. Makes my skin crawl even being here ... Do you feel good about your job? So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing?"

"Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?"

This happened on April 6th, and the attendant, whose name is Gina Michelle, had been trying to get the media to see it ever since. After it went viral, Britt apologized .. but not to Gina.

She said, quote, in an interview, "In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake."

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by Joshua James posted Apr 20 2015 6:40AM
La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark of Youngstown, Ohio was adopted as a baby and never knew who her biological mother was. She's 38 now, and still had no idea ... until earlier this week.

The Ohio Department of Health just released its birth records for everyone born before 1996, and La-Sonya was curious, so she decided to request hers. She got them in the mail on Monday, and found out her mother's name was Francine Simmons.

And interestingly enough, she works at a nonprofit where one of her COWORKERS is named Francine Simmons. So La-Sonya called her extension ... and told her, quote, "I think I'm your daughter."

They've been working at the same place for four years without realizing their connection ... and they live only six minutes away from each other.

Francine says she gave birth when she was 15. Quote, "I was put in a home, a girl's home. Got to hold her. Didn't get to name her." She said she's always wanted to meet her daughter but didn't know how.

La-Sonya says her adoptive parents supported her decision to find her birth mother. Quote, "My mom and dad have always been supportive of me. They're going to be a part of this, too."
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by Joshua James posted Apr 20 2015 6:27AM
When you're scrolling through Facebook and it looks like EVERYONE does cooler stuff than you, that's not quite true. Only 80% of them actually do cooler stuff than you...

Here are the 10 things most people have lied about doing:

1. Going on a great weekend vacation

2. Being an extra in a TV show

3. Swimming with dolphins

4. Climbing a mountain

5. Hanging out with celebrities

6. Having a sexual conquest

7. Getting surprised with a romantic trip

8. Doing something to get a tan ... and putting on fake tanner in photos for "proof"

9. Hiking naked

10. Going to a nude beach

So why do people feel the need to make up adventures for social media? Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Their weekends are lame compared to their friends

2. They don't want people to think they're boring

3. They don't want people to find out they don't have any friends

4. Their coworkers have great stories and they want to join in

5. They're desperate for SOMETHING to talk about at work on Monday
by Joshua James posted Apr 16 2015 9:23AM
It's nice to see a list of things that make us feel good that doesn't include donuts, porn, cocaine, social media, or punching someone in the face.

Do I have your attention now? LOL

A new survey asked 2,000 people to name random little things that make them feel great. Here are the top 10...

1. Sleeping on clean sheets.

2. Feeling the sun on your face.

3. Hearing someone say "Thank you."

4. Finding money.

5. Having a little time to yourself.

6. Laughing hard.

7. Cuddling on the couch.

8. Fresh bread.

9. Doing something for someone else.

10. Feeling clean after a shower.
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by Joshua James posted Apr 15 2015 2:28PM
This is a really cool event! Benefitting $25 dollars.. all you can eat and drink + LIVE music from some BIG NAMES in Nashville!

Wicked Outfitters Lodge 22802 Valley Road LaCygne, KS at 7PM!

For more info >>

Hope to see you there!!
by Joshua James posted Apr 14 2015 9:16AM
Here are four random health facts about your butt...

1. Acne down there is very common, and very treatable. If it's a problem, just go to a dermatologist. You might be embarrassed , but they deal with it constantly.

2. Reading in the bathroom can give you hemorrhoids, and so can playing games on your phone. Anything that makes you sit on the toilet for too long can irritate blood vessels down there, which is what causes hemorrhoids.

3. If you don't have a family history of colon cancer, you probably don't need a colonoscopy until you're 50. But if it DOES run in your family, you should start getting them when you're ten years younger than your relative when they got diagnosed.

So if they found out when they were 45, you should get your fist colonoscopy at 35.

4. You can get skin cancer on your butt, even if it's never seen the light of day. It's actually one of the most common places people get melanoma.

Random yes. You're welcome!

by Joshua James posted Apr 14 2015 9:12AM
There are about five million things you can do wrong on a first date, and it's impossible to know all of them. So at least you can memorize these few... just to SLIGHTLY improve the odds of not spending the rest of your life alone?

Here are the top 10 turn offs on a first date, according to a new survey....

1. Eating off the other person's plate without asking.

2. Disappearing into the bathroom for a long time.

3. Having an annoying laugh.

4. Smoking.

5. Too much swearing.

6. Ordering for the other person.

7. A lack of eye contact.

8. Not respecting personal space.

9. Getting too drunk.

10. Too much touching and groping.

Any thing that we missed (a ton actually) ... Leave your comments!
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by Joshua James posted Apr 14 2015 9:06AM
Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present 'The Official Injury of The Year 2015.'

A 29-year-old guy in San Diego, California recently went to the doctor because his left thumb was in a lot of pain.

He said he'd been playing "Candy Crush Saga" on his phone pretty much nonstop for around eight weeks... even while he was doing other stuff, he was always multitasking and playing it with his left hand.

So the doctors gave him an MRI, and foud out he'd ruptured the tendon in his thumb.... yes, because of "Candy Crush".

And he tore it so severely that he needed SURGERY to repair it.

Apparently he tore it way before he went into the doctor, but he didn't really feel the pain because playing the game was giving him such an adrenaline rush.

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by Joshua James posted Apr 13 2015 10:52AM
Gwyneth Paltrow probably spends at least $1,000 at the grocery store every week to make all the healthy stuff she talks about on her blog. That, and she's probably dropping a fortune at restaurants and personal chefs.

But she's cutting back big time this week, to see what it's like to live off FOOD STAMPS. Chef Mario Batali challenged her to do the "Food Bank New York City Challenge," Where you can only spend $29 bucks to feed yourself for seven days...

Gwyneth tweeted, quote, "We're walking in their shoes to see how far we get... This is what $29 gets you at the grocery store, what families on SNAP (food stamps) have to live on for a week."

The photo included a dozen eggs, black beans, brown rice, "gluten-free" corn tortillas, various greens, a tomato, a clove of garlic, and seven limes. ???

Of course, seven limes ins't musch sustenance, so this is NOT what families on SNAP are buying. Instead, they're getting armloads of Top Ramen, boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, cans of soup, spaghetti and pasta sauce, and white bread.
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by Joshua James posted Apr 13 2015 7:57AM
A new survey found the Top 10 "first world problems" that stress us out the most. Check 'em out ...

1. Not being able to fall asleep

2. Misplacing your keys

3. A traffic jam when you're already late

4. Losing an important document

5. Not being able to find a parking spot

6. The printer not working when you really need to print something

7. Your phone battery dying while you're out

8. Discovering you're out of toilet paper while you're sitting on the toilet

9. Dealing with automated customer service instead of a real person

10. Trying to pay for something and realizing you forgot your card
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by Joshua James posted Apr 13 2015 7:52AM
It's pretty impressive to see an American do something with a candy bar besides shoving it down their throat in a delightful orgy of chocolate-coated gluttony.

33-year-old Joel Parker of St. Johns County in northeastern Florida was on a bus Wednesday morning, and making a lot of noise. So the driver asked him to quiet down ... and apparently that INFURIATED him.

So when he was getting off at his stop, he pulled out a Snickers bar and chucked it at the driver.

The Snickers bar didn't cause any injuries ... but Joel was arrested for misdemeanor battery.
by Joshua James posted Apr 13 2015 6:45AM
41-year-old Tricia Knight of Virginia Beach, Virginia was drunk back in October. and driving home from a beer run when she crashed into another car.

So paramedics came to the scene to treat her AND the person she hit.

And while they started working on treating her serious leg injuries, she started drinking a BEER. Then a cop managed to pry it out of her hand, so she just reached down and grabbed ANOTHER one.

The person she hit wound up with a serious neck injury, and Tricia was just sentenced to one year in prison.
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People : Tricia Knight
by Joshua James posted Apr 10 2015 1:16PM
If you really think about all the things that make you angry at your kids... or make your kids scream at you or at each other... they're stupid. Like, REALLY stupid.

A new survey found the average family has 300 FIGHTS every year over stupid little things. Here are the top 10....

1. Kids refusing to put down gadgets and talk.

2. The TV being too loud.

3. People not being ready to go on time.

4. Leaving too many lights on.

5. Slamming doors.

6. Who started a fight, or whose fault it was.

7. Kids not wanting what you cooked for dinner.

8. Dishes left in your kids' rooms.

9. Yelling indoors.

10. Kids jumping on the furniture.
by Joshua James posted Apr 9 2015 2:21PM
A new study found free versions of apps cost you MORE than the paid versions... in the long run. The ads in free apps use a LOT of network data.... so it costs you about 1.7 cents every time you open one of them. If you use one every day for a year, that's $6.20 in data.

A study out of the University of Southern California found that free versions of apps use 79% more network data than the paid versions... because of all the ads they stream.

That costs you around 1.7 cents every time you open the app, based on the average price of a data plan.

So if you use a free app 59 times, you've now spent over a dollar. If you use the free app every day for a year, it'll cost you $6.20... which is probably more than it would've cost you to buy the paid version.

and thats not all. Free apps use 16% more energy, which can cost you almost an hour of battery life... and they can slow down your phone, since they use 22% more memory.
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by Joshua James posted Apr 9 2015 10:58AM
Apple released their new emojis yesterday... Redheads are upset there's no ginger... some people are upset that the "prayer hands" don't have rays of sun emanating from them anymore... and taco lovers are upset there's STILL no taco emoji.

Here are the FOUR groups of people that are outraged...

1. Gingers. Apple has five new races of emojis... but no redheads. So now there's a petition online to get Apple to add a ginger emoji. So far it has 6,000 signatures.

2. Believers. The "prayer hands" emoji used to show two hands clasped together with rays of sun emanating from them. Now the rays are gone. so it looks like a high five.

As one tweet said, quote, "Let us pray for the safe return of the lil light in the prayer hands emoji since this satanic update has taken it away from us."

3. Taco Lovers. There are a ton of food emojis... but no taco. Taco Bell even got more than 31,000 people to sign a petition asking for one. No dice.

4. Late adopters. Some people have updated their iPhones, some haven't. And if you haven't and your friend sends you one of the new racially diverse emojis, it comes up as the old white person version of that emoji, followed by an alien head.

Some people think that's OFFENSIVE... since it's suggesting that racial diversity is like an alien version of white people. (???)

by Joshua James posted Apr 8 2015 7:59AM
I'm not sure Chipotle is a great place for a date ... unless you're REALLY not planning to get-it-on afterward. A lot of stuff happens in your body after a Chipotle trip, and NONE of it is sexy. But apparently people keep going there anyway.

A dating app called Clover just analyzed the most common place people go on first dates ...and Chipotle came in second. Starbucks was number one.

The rest of the top ten are: Panera, Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Chilli's, In-N-Out burger and Applebee's.

Now, the only places that could really make the list are national chains, because a local bar or independent coffee house isn't going to get enough votes to compete with the places that have thousands of locations.

But still, a LOT of people are trying to get to know each other over giant burritos.

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by Joshua James posted Apr 8 2015 7:52AM
This is a pretty good idea for a prank ... harmless enough to not make someone your enemy, but harmful enough to REALLY mess with their day for 15 minutes.

Two guys in Irvine, California just created the Joker Birthday Card. It's like one of those cards that plays a song ... only there's a twist.

Once you press the button to play the song, it NEVER STOPS. Not even when you close the card. Not ever. There are only two ways to get the card to stop playing the song: DESTROY it or wait at least three hours until it runs the battery out.

It plays a generic "Happy Birthday" song that sounds like it's from the 1960s. The guys initially used "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" ... but maybe that was TOO cruel to play on repeat.

The card is up on Kickstarter right now, you can find it by searching for "Joker Birthday."
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by Joshua James posted Apr 6 2015 7:10AM
The "Baltimore Sun" reports that the NFL will have its first permanent female official coming this season. Her name is Sarah Thomas, and she's a 41-year-old mother of three.

She's worked Division 1 college football the past seven years, and in 2009, she became the first woman to officiate a college bowl game. She also called some NFL preseason games last year.

For the record, a few years ago, another woman named Shannon Eastin became the first woman to officiate a regular season NFL game. She was a replacement red during the 2012 NFL referee lockout.

While it sounds like this is a done deal, the NFL hasn't confirmed it yet. (ESPN profiled Sarah on "Outside the Lines" a few year back. The NBA has TWO female refs and there are no female umpires in the MLB.)
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by Joshua James posted Apr 6 2015 7:01AM
If you keep seeing GHOSTS around your house, your answer isn't Ghostbusters... you need to call someone slightly less cool. A certified and licensed mold removal specialist.

A study out of Clarkson University in New York found that the main reason people think their house is haunted are ... dust, dirt and mold.

The air quality in your place makes you more likely to see strange things floating around ... and the toxic mold triggers psychosis in your brain.

But bad air quality and mold can cause other serious problems, besides paranormal visitors ... they can also lead to depression, anxiety, and pretty serious illness.

So if you're seeing ghosts, you might want to get someone over to your house to remove the mold before you start having REAL issues.

And if the ghosts still don't go away .. then get a priest over there ASAP?

by Joshua James posted Apr 3 2015 10:45AM
Here are three new things to worry about...

1. Iced Tea can kill you... A 56-year-old man in Arkansas DIED last year because he was drinking 16 glasses of iced tea every day. Tea contains a chemical compound called oxalate, and taking in that much caused kidney failure.

If you drink a reasonable amount of iced tea, you'll probably be okay... but if you have a history of kidney problems, think about scaling back.

2. Well this is horrifying: A new study found spiders move FASTER when it's warmer. So the nicer the weather gets... the faster a spider can crawl up your leg.

3. Your fake laugh isn't folling anyone... they know you're just pitying them and they HATE you for it. A study out of UCLA found that people can tell the difference between "real" laughs and "fake" laughs 70% of the time.
by Joshua James posted Apr 2 2015 9:56AM
April Fool' Day: BMW Pranked a Woman... by GIVING Her a New Car?

BMW pranked people in New Zealand for April Fools' Day by running an ad that said the first person to show up at a dealership in Auckland and ask for "Tom" would be able to trade their car in for a brand new BMW.

Which everyone assumed was a joke. But a woman named Tiaana Marsh didn't care if she'd look like an idiot, and showed up anyway. And they REALLY DID give her a car.

So in other words, She's the only person who DIDN'T fall for the prank.

Watch the video!

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by Joshua James posted Apr 2 2015 9:45AM
A Guy Used Her Bathroom to 'Release the Dirty' on The Third Date.....

Last weekend, a guy picked a lady named Jen up at her place for their third date.

Jen headed outside, and he asked if they could go back into her apartment really fast. Jen thought it was weird because the place that they were headed to was a quick five minute walk away.

Jen said okay and the dude spent almost TEN MINUTES in the bathroom. When he got out, it completely reeked. He clearly used it to "release the dirty." And he was totally unapologetic about it.

The two headed out to dinner but Jen was totally grossed out the entire time. Jen didn't invite him back to her place at the end of the date and Jen says she definitely won't be going out with him again.

Isn't a third date too soon to go number two in someone's bathroom? Couldn't he have waited until they got to the restaurant?

** QUESTION ** How soon is too soon for you to acknowledge bodily functions on your significant other? Do you have an embarrassing bathroom story that happened with someone you just started dating?

Leave your comments below!
by Joshua James posted Apr 2 2015 9:28AM
1. Katie Couris may have perpetrated the greatest April Fool's prank of the year on "The Late Late Show" last night... by falling down a flight of stairs while making her entrance.

It was actually a stuntwoman who took the fall, and everyone was in on the joke except host James Corden, who FREAKED.

2. Some website posted a fake announcement about KIM KARDASHIAN hosting the first annual SELFIE AWARDS... That one actually fooled me.

3. BOB BARKER "returned" as host of "THE PRICE IS RIGHT"

4. TOM BRADY posted a picture of himself in a body cast, and said MICHAEL JORDAN did it.

5. STEPHEN KING announced he was writing the Season 6 premiere of "The Walking Dead" and killing off three major characters, including Darryl.

6. KELLY RIPA announced she's pregnant. (lame)

7. LADY GAGA Tweeted that she was quitting pop music. She obviously took it back.

Oh.. and my golf cart accident didn't really happen. APRIL FOOL'S!
by Joshua James posted Apr 1 2015 8:10AM
The Office
A recent article on LinkedIn listed a bunch of cliche phrases people use too much at work. You can get away with them every now and then. But if you say them CONSTANTLY, you start annoying people. Here are the top ten:

1. "At the end of the day."

2. "Back to the drawing board."

3. "Hit the ground running."

4. "Get the ball rolling."

5. "Think outside the box."

6. "Let's touch base."

7. "It's a no brainer."

8. "I've got a lot of stuff on my plate."

9. The word "synergy."

10. "It's a win-win."

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by Joshua James posted Apr 1 2015 8:03AM
Well THIS will teach you to order a salad at Pizza Hut.

We're not exactly sure when this happened, but a guy named Everett Chatman was eating at a Pizza Hut in Harriman, Tennessee, and bit into a crouton in his salad.

He says it was a, quote, "excessively hard crouton" .. so hard that it broke his dentures.

He tried to work it out with their insurance company, but they wouldn't return his calls ... so he SUED.

And last week, he actually WON. The bad news for him is ... the judge only awarded him a whopping $2,400.

A reporter asked his attorney if Everett was satisfied ... and the attorney said, quote, "I think so."

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Location : HarrimanTennessee
People : Everett Chatman
by Joshua James posted Apr 1 2015 7:57AM
This woman is definitely our Hero of the Day.

38-year-old Karen Davis of Port Pirie, Australia was outside in Jaunary when she saw the Google Maps car driving by ... so she ran out to the curb, lifted up her shirt, and flashed her MASSIVE BREASTS at it.

Her topless photo made it up onto Google Maps for almost two months before someone noticed. And she was finally censored yesterday.

So why did Karen do it? Quote, "I look at Google Maps a lot and I wanted to be on there and I thought this was the way to do it. I got to check something else off my bucket list."

And she suspects she knows who reported her. Quote, "all of the flat chicks think I'm disgusting. Big boob envy has hit Port Pirie."
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People : Karen Davis
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