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by Joshua James posted May 27 2015 11:28AM
This number seems enormous.. and just right.

A new study found the average parent posts 973 photos of their child on social media befrore they turn FIVE.

That's an average of about 195 pictures a year, or approximately one every other day.

53% mostly post pictures to Facebook.... 14% use Instagram... and 13% use Twitter.

The study also found that the majority of parents have no idea what those sites or even other people might be legally allowed to do with those photos.

46% say they've only checked the privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks once or twice, and 17% have never checked!!

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by Joshua James posted May 19 2015 12:39PM

By Marissa G. Muller

Not everyone is happy to see the parameters of country music expanding as the genre becomes increasingly intertwined with classic rock. Perhaps not surprisingly, Clay Walker, whose next album is titled Long Live the Cowboy, is one of those people.

In a new interview with The Modesto Bee, the country staple sounded off on the influx of outside artists reinventing themselves in the country world, likePoison's Bret Michaels and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who both recently released country singles.

"I can't stand to see outdated rock-and-rollers coming in to play country music," Walker said. "That really pissed me off. We have great singers, great country musicians. There's no reason we have to dilute it by letting people in the format that don't have anybusiness being in the format."

Related: Bret Michaels Is Making Bro Country Now, Too: Watch 'Girls on Bars'

As you can imagine, Walker is also not a fan of the blurring of hip-hop and country music—whererapper Nelly currently stands—but he's still able to appreciate that the genre has opened up for new fans.

"It'll never be the same; we will never go back to the way it was in the '80s or the '90s or anything like that. Which is good," he said. "This change in the music has definitely helped country musicgrow. I think I've been able to make an album of music that falls right where it should be."

Walker's last album, She Won't Be Lonely Long, was released in 2010.

by Joshua James posted May 12 2015 8:56AM
I always go to the same grocery store, and there's one checkout guy who's a little too friendly. He always calls me "boss."

In a three-minute transaction, He'll use it in EVERY sentence he says to me. I once counted, and he called me "boss" 15 times. And it's JUST me.

I try to avoid his lane, but it doesn't always work out. And I'm always polite about it, But it actually bugs me... I've always avoided guys who get all 'brosephy' with their friends. Nevermind strangers.

Should I tell him it bothers me? Wha'ts up with people giving complete strangers nicknames?

What nickname did a stranger give you that you despise?
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by Joshua James posted May 12 2015 8:46AM
Guys, if we asked you what you hate about other men, you probably wouldn't answer. You'd think it was some lame social experiment to prove that men are CATTIER than women.

But don't sweat it. Someone on just asked that question and got a TON of answers. Once guys started talking about how men are annoying, they couldn't stop. Here are six of our favorite answers...

1. "Who the [eff] is ripping out their pubic hair and scattering it all over urinals across America?

2. "I hate the guys who drink and try to fight everybody, including their own friends."

3. "When guys comment on girls' Facebook pics with idiotic crap like, 'Wow, Sexy' and 'Hey beautiful' and other things that reek of desperation."

4. "I hate guys that are so judgmental about how attractive women look, yet they themselves are ugly."

5. "Dudes who can't fend for themselves when it comes to domestic duties. Learn how to cook a couple meals, clean a toilet, and turn on a vacuum."

6. "I hate that a lot of them can grow a full beard without childish, visible patches."
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by Joshua James posted May 7 2015 11:57AM

On Wednesday, investigator Ted Wells released a 243-page report detailing his findings in the Deflategate scandal. He concluded that it was "more probable than not" that two New England Patriots employeesdeliberately deflated footballs for the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts. Additionally, it was "more probable than not" that Tom Brady was "generally aware of the inappropriate activities."

Many NFL players took to Twitter to give their opinion on the matter.

Rob Gronkowski on the other hand, this is how he responded when asked about the whole thing.

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by Joshua James posted May 7 2015 11:54AM
‪#‎bajaferries‬ gets license to operate between ‪#‎i‬ and ‪#‎cuba‬. You have watched move around 1000 passengers between ‪#‎miami‬ and the‪#‎havana‬ to the day, allowing us to be the first company in connect by sea to two nations. ‪#‎orgullobf‬ see note
by Joshua James posted May 7 2015 11:51AM

A federal appeals court has ruled that the National Security Agency program to collect information on billions of telephone calls made or received by Americans is illegal.

In an opinion issued Thursday, a three-judge panel from the New York-based 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals held that a law Congress passed allowing collection of information relevant to terrorism investigations does not authorize the so-called "bulk collection" of phone records on the scale of the NSA program. The judges did not address whether the program violated the Constitution.

Writing for a unanimous panel, Judge Gerard Lynch said allowing the government to gather data in a blanket fashion was not consistent with the statute used to carry out the program: Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act.

"The interpretation urged by the government would require a drastic expansion of the term 'relevance,' not only with respect to § 215, but also as that term is construed for purposes of subpoenas, and of a number of national security-related statutes, to sweep further than those statutes have ever been thought to reach," Lynch wrote in an opinion joined by Judges Robert Sack and Vernon Broderick.

Read more:

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by Joshua James posted May 4 2015 7:06AM

President Barack Obama doesn't stop very often when he walks out of the White House to board Marine One.

But usually a little boy in goggles and superhero clothes isn't part of the press corps.

4-year-old Luca Martinez came to the South Lawn with his dad, an Associated Press photographer, on a perfect Saturday to see the President's helicopter up close.

Luca wore big goggles to protect his eyes during takeoff, and covered his ears the whole time because of the noise. Except for one moment.

That was when the president spotted him as he was walking towards the helicopter. With a big smile, Obama came over to the press pen and gave Luca a fist bump. His father, Pablo, usually the one taking the pictures, will probably be collecting some others for this moment.

Luca seemed unphased by the whole experience, but said it was fun when reporters asked him about it. Martinez says they live nearby and often see Marine One fly overhead.

It was his son's second time seeing the helicopter up close, but the first with a presidential meeting.

Obama is spending the rest of the day at Camp David, a fairly rare destination for him. This is just his 36th visit to the presidential retreat.

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by Joshua James posted May 4 2015 7:03AM
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented their new daughter to the world for the first time early on Saturday evening as they left hospital just 10 hours after the birth of their second child.

The new Princess of Cambridge slept soundly cradled in her mother's arms as the couple posed on the steps of the private Lindo wing at St Mary's hospital in Paddington, London.

Earlier, Prince George was the only visitor as he was taken to see his mother and be introduced to his baby sister, who was born at 8.34am, weighing 8lbs 3oz. Crowds cheered wildly as William, who had briefly returned to Kensington Palace to pick up his son, carried the infant prince up the hospital steps, with George, looking a little overawed, managing a small royal wave. The duke proclaimed the couple to be "very happy".

The duchess had been admitted to hospital in the "early stages of labour" at 6am and the duke attended the birth. Their daughter is the fourth in line to the throne and the Queen's fifth great-grandchild. She will be the first to take the title of princess for 25 years and will also be the highest ranking female in line to the throne. A girl has not been born this high up the line of succession in the UK for nearly 65 years, since Princess Anne was born.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said: "Her royal highness the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8.34am. The baby weighs 8lbs 3oz.

"The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.

"The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news.

"Her royal highness and her child are both doing well."

The news was made public once members of both families had been informed, at 11.09am. The duchess's labour was far shorter than for her first child – Prince George took more than 10 hours to be born.

She was believed to have been around one week overdue, but in the end the birth appeared to happen swiftly .

The birth was overseen by a medical team led by Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon-gynaecologist to the royal household, who was assisted by Alan Farthing, surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen. Both medics were present at George's birth in July 2013.

There were cheers from the crowd gathered outside the hospital when the announcement was made. Some had been camping for almost two weeks in anticipation of the birth.

A bulletin, printed with the details of the delivery, was placed on an ornate gold easel erected by two footmen in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. It said the duchess was "delivered" of a daughter and gave the time of birth.

Clarence House said the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were "absolutely delighted". Other members of the Windsor and Middleton families were informed, including the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Harry, who is in Australia.

Prime minister David Cameron posted on Twitter: "Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I'm absolutely delighted for them.

Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: "Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess on the birth of their daughter. Wishing them lots of joy and happiness – and hopefully some sleep".

by Joshua James posted May 4 2015 6:58AM
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback frequents a popular restaurant in Topeka, called Boss Hawgs. Chloe Hough, a former server at the restaurant, decided that she did not want a tip from Brownback, and brought him his credit card slip with the tip area crossed out. Chloe says that Brownback was actually her last customer at that job, so she was able to express her opinion without fear of being fired for it, as she was already ending her employment at the restaurant.

Chloe gave this statement to Kansas Exposed explaining why she refused Brownback's tip:

"Brownback is anti-education. He and his followers are helping to put Kansas back in the dark ages by gutting our infrastructure and opportunities. It's more than a money thing. Intellectual capital is founded in education, without which society cannot and will not progress."
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