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by TJ McEntire posted Jul 29 2014 1:52PM

Tim McGraw Fan Hires Lawyer

I will just let you read this and come to your own conclusion...BUT it is scary when someone grabs you and you are not sure what their intention is...HMMMM lose lose if you ask me. Hiring a lawyer...very typical. No one was seriously injured in the incident. TJ 
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07/29/2014 12:52PM
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07/29/2014 2:00PM
stupid lady
I absolutely love Tim McGraw, and yes he probably shouldn't have slapped her but she should have kept her hands off of him, if it would've been me I would probably reacted the same way!! and hiring a lawyer that stupid I'm sure she's just in it for the money!
07/29/2014 2:02PM
This is stupid that she hired a lawyer. She gets drunk and gropes the guy and he gets sued (and I am not even a Tim McGraw fan). It wouldn't be acceptable in any other situation, why should it be acceptable at a concert?
07/29/2014 3:43PM
That's just stupid. He reacted like anyone else would slapping the person away.
07/29/2014 5:06PM
if she grabbed him enough to rip his jeans she was way outta line. and seriously, i have watched that clip ...dont look like he slapped her. IMHO
07/30/2014 5:27PM
Do not Invade anyones Bubble Everyone deserves there own Space:-)
07/31/2014 9:23PM
She obviously grabbed his private parts. How stupid of her to get a lawyer. I mean the incident is on video and on you tube. I saw the video and he did not slap her. He just shoved her hand away. If this was any other work place, she would have beendisciplined or even fired.
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