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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 27 2014 12:50PM
The only bummer is we have to wait till August 1rst! Wow! WOW! WOW! Imagine hit after hit from two huge mega country stars!!! This is gonna be epic! Lets rock ARROWHEAD AGAIN! Ticket details when I get em....TJ
by TJ McEntire posted Oct 24 2014 2:07PM
This new album by LBT is so good! I hear influences by Fleetwood Mac and even the Eagles...every song has a different sound...I love this so much I could marry it...ok...a little too weird...TJ
by TJ McEntire posted Oct 14 2014 12:21PM

Kelly Clarkson's Baby Girl River Rose Receives Musical Gift From Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert: Picture

Wish I had an Aunt Miranda and Uncle Blake! Sure would be fun around the holidays! Such a great article! I Heart Country Music and Artists so HARD! TJ
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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 13 2014 12:28PM

Jake Owen's New Dog Thurman Is Pearl's Best Friend

I love this story about Jake and his new pup! I am a huge dog lover and hope if you need a new furry friend you will go see my friends at KC Pet Project or Greater Kansas City Humane Society! These and many other organizations do so much for homeless animals! After having 4 dogs with me this past weekend (two are mine, two I babysit sometimes) I am convinced I could have 10 LOL!!! My husband on the other hand, not so convinced! Happy Monday! TJ
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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 10 2014 2:39PM

Why Is James Marsden Singing Garth Brooks

This is just too fun...a hot actor, Lady A, a movie, and Ryan Seacrest! Yup it involves Garth! Just watch;O) TJ
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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 8 2014 2:25PM
Love these guys! Anything Goes is the new album and it's coming! Oh and they have given us a trip to the CMA Awards in Nashville to give away! Qualify when you win Brantley tickets all day:O) I will have them at 3pm!
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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 7 2014 1:47PM

Little Big Town Stunned by Grand Ole Opry Invitation

These wonderful musicians have been making music forever...and FINALLY their dreams are coming true! They are kind beautiful and talented and nobody deserves it more!!! Congrats LBT! Lets celebrate by doing a little DAY DRINKIN! Whoot! Whoot!
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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 7 2014 1:31PM

CMT : News : Blake Shelton: Don't Put Taylor Swift in a Corner

Blake always stands up for the little guy!!! Or super tall chick in this case! I love him, and without him on The Voice there would be nothing to get hyped my opinion of course! TEAM BLAKE!!!!

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by TJ McEntire posted Oct 6 2014 12:52PM

The Royals Partied With Fans And Eric Hosmer Bought Everyone Drinks

This is so cool! What a awesome way to thank the fans! Wish I was young enough to stay up past 1am lol! I sure would have followed Hosmer all over the bar lol...I am so happy for Kansas City baseball fans...this is so exciting! BLUE OCTOBER! Lets do this! TJ
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