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by Joshua James posted Oct 8 2015 2:42PM
Thomas Rhett's new Tangled Up album features a mix of musical influences, including R&B and even rap. Thomas defends any claims that the new project is not country music, telling us that even though he pushes the boundaries, this is definitely today's Country. ["When it comes to making records I think that if you're not putting out a single or a record that makes you sort of nervous and sort of like be,'Okay, are they gonna love this or are they gonna hate it? 'I'd way rather someone hate my song than be like, 'Oh, it's fine.' I don't want to have a record out there that just exists in the atmosphere. I want it to like either be amazing in a lot of peoples' minds or they just don't like it. I don't ever want to be in that middle ground. I think we go through this kind of phase every 10 years and I think that we're just kind of stuck in that spot where people are like, 'Well, it's not country! It's not country! Its not country! It is country. It's just kind of where it's evolved to at this point and I think that this record definitely is along the lines of where we have evolved to."]


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by Joshua James posted Oct 8 2015 1:23PM
From the sounds of it, Miranda Lambert will not be shying away from her recent heartbreak over the break up of her four-year marriage to Blake Shelton. The singer prides herself on being an open book when it comes to her songwriting, and she tells us that it is not about to change. "I guess the reason that maybe people grab on to it is cause it is just the truth, you know, and getting to tell the truth just feels good, and the fact that other people feel the same way that I do at whatever time that is in my life. I am just gonna continue to do that and I want to contine to be honest and I have always done that with my records as far as what I have been writing about it is just everything I have been going through at that point whether it is sad or happy or somewhere in between. I seriously feel i am just scratching the surface, so as far as songwriting goes the more life you live the more you have to write about so that is what I am planning on doing-- just keep on living and keep telling stories about it."

Miranda plans to release another single from her current album, Platinum, before moving on to a new project. In the meantime, she contuines on her Roadsie Bars & Pink Guitars tour. This weekend, Miranada and RaeLynn, Clare Dunn and Courtney Cole perform in Huntsville, AL; Tueplo, MS; and Jonesboro, AR beginning tonight.(Pluse of Radio)

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by Joshua James posted Oct 6 2015 3:37PM
Eric Church and Hank Williams Jr. will open next month's CMA Awards with a performance together beginning at 8 p.m. ET. The collaboration, called "Are You Ready For the Country," is the debut release from Hank's upcoming project. The song was written and recorded by Neil Young and later recorded by Waylon Jennings. Immediately following the performance, co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisely will deliver the show's opening monologue.
CMA Chief exectuive officer Sarah Trahern said, " If you don't see the first 15 minutes of the CMA awards live, you will be grasping for straws at the proverbial watercooler the next morning. It is that good and it is just the beginning of a great night of entertainment.'
The 49th Annual CMA Awards will air live on Wednesday, November 4th at 8 p.m. ET from the bridgestone Arena in Nashville on ABC.


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by Joshua James posted Oct 6 2015 3:13PM
Charles Kelley is doing it alone. Well, temporarily. The Lady Antebellum member and his bandmates Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood appeared on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday (Monday, October 5th) to share the news that charles will be releasing a solo album in the near future, with a new single out this week called "The Driver."
Charles co-wrote the song, and it was among the first he recorded when he realized that he was going down a different path from Lady A music. He tells us: ["I had written a song called 'The Driver' and I had a couple other songs, and I said, 'I think Im gonna go in and cut some demos and just see if I can kind of try to create a little bit of a sound that that might be the next Lady Antebellum record,' and as we started working on it I was like,' Gosh, this feels really good,' but I said, 'I don't know if this fits the band,' and so it was one of those things I just kind of held onto and didn't think much about it, and then we kind of brought up taking a break I said 'Well, guys, Ive got some stuff ive worked on and I said,'I will only do this with your blessing.' I told them about it and they were like, 'Dude, go for it!' They love it, and with the assurance that i'm never leaving this band. I think we all understand that we've worked too hard as a band to build up this fan base and this collection of songs that we would never turn our backs on it but we do realize that if we don't get off the hamster wheel every now and then the stress will drive you a little crazy, so I think that was the thing for me was like making music with no agenda was really fun."]


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by Dave Kious posted Oct 4 2015 7:55PM
I've got two chances for you to win a 4-Pack of tickets to Jerrod Niemann at Whiskey Tango of Friday, October 16.

Please keep listening for your chances to win.

Also, a BIG congrats to our KC Royals for finishing with the best record in the American League.

Bring on Thursday!

by Joshua James posted Oct 1 2015 1:44PM
A charity in Canada just did something pretty cool that was inspired by the Batkid thing in San Francisco two years ago. A six-year-old in Edmonton named Mabel Tooke, is finising up her leukemia treatments, and recently said she wanted to spend a day with Spider-Man. So when she woke up on Monday, they showed her a fake news report that said the captain of the Edmonton Oilers (hockey team) had beed kidnapped. And a cop the reporter interviewed said they needed SPIDER-MABEL'S help to find him. So she put on a Spider-Man costume...met with the mayor...listened to a special version of the Spider-Man theme they recorded for her...and spent the rest of the day rushing around Edmonton with Spider-Man to track down his nemesis, Mysterio. She eventually ended up at the Zoo, where she found they hockey player tied up with rope. And she used a Spider-Man toy that shoots Silly String to take down Mysterio while a huge crowd cheered for her. Mabel's mom says she read a ton of Spider-Man comics to get through her treatments, so it was a VERY big day for her. (CTV News/Calgary Sun)

by Joshua James posted Oct 1 2015 1:31PM
Who does not love pizza? Most people do, and some people blot that top layer of grease off a slice like it is their job, while others simply scarf down the oily goodness. If you are part of the the first group, a new study says you might actually be doing your waistline a favor. Labdoor magazine conducted a study, and found that blotting the average slice of pepperoni pizza can save you over 40 calories. Since the average American consumes 23 pounds of pizza per year, blotting all those slices could mean you gain two pounds less each year. So go ahead, there is no shame in blotting. (Elite Daily)

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by Joshua James posted Sep 30 2015 5:30PM
A 21 year old named Brittany Peck got married to fiance Jeremey on Saturday in Elyria, Ohio near Cleveland. And a photo from their wedding is going viral because of something her dad did. His name is Todd Bachman. Apparently she called him about two weeks before the wedding...she was stressed out about HIM walking her down the aisle instead of her stepfather, who has been in her life since she was 11. The stepdad's name is Todd too, and he and her dad have never really gotten along. But right before the wedding procession started, Brittany's father walked over to her stepfather...grabbed his hand...and led him over to where they were lining up so they could BOTH walk her down the asile. In the photos the wedding photographer posted online, Todd has a determinded look on his face, and the stepdad is crying. And in two days, half a million people have shared the photos on facebook. Brittany's dad told a reporter that her stepdad's been "as much a part of her life" as he has, so he deserved to walk her down the asile too. Her stepdad said the whole thing brought them closer, and called it, "the best day of his life." 

by Joshua James posted Sep 30 2015 3:09PM
Dustin Lynch releases a new song to Country radio this week called "Mind Reader." It is the third single from his latest ablum, Where It's At, and follows consecutive Number One hits "Hell Of a Night" and the albumns title track. Dustin said, "News flash! Ladies we love it when you make the first move. 'Mind Reader' is about a girl knowing what she wants and what her guy wants even before he does. He continues to realize how much she seems to really read his mind." 

by Dave Kious posted Sep 27 2015 7:58PM
Happy Sunday...What a beautiful day the Royals combined for a shutout win...Yes!

And you have two chances tonight to win 4 tickets to Jerrod Nieman on October 16 at Whiskiy Tango, PLUS

Family 4 pack of tickets to the LibertyCorn Maze going on now through October 31.

All that could be yours tonight!!!

Please keep listening for a chance to win.

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