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by Dave Kious posted Aug 2 2015 12:23PM

So, for those of you that got to go to Kenny and Jason last night...Have you recovered, yet?

Everyone says it was so much fun and...a little hot out there.

Well, stay in the A/C and listen for your chances to win a pair of tickets to Aaron Lewis with Travis Marvin at Whiskey Tango this coming Friday night.

Four chances to win this afternoon...Good luck!

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by Joshua James posted Jul 30 2015 10:55AM
It's a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme: Man starts giving it to the young nanny and his marriage crumbles. But in the case of BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER, it just isn't true. At least that's HIS story.

"Us Weekly" says Ben has been enjoying the erotic services of 28- year- old Christine Ouzounian, who was hired by Ben and Jen this past spring to watch their kids.

Supposedly, things started getting physical between them while Ben and Jen were on a trial separation. And when Jennifer found out, she fired her. But Ben's probably still hittin' that, because they were seen together as recently as July 17th.

Ben's rep has come out swinging, saying, quote, "All allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue. We are considering legal options." 
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by Joshua James posted Jul 30 2015 10:47AM
Would you uproot your life and move to another city, state, or country to be with someone you love?

Wait, maybe this is a better question: Would you uproot your life and move to AVOID someone you USED to love?

According to a new survey, 20% of us have moved to be with someone.

And... 6% of people have moved to avoid an EX. And just among divorced people, 16% moved far away after their marriage ended, to avoid bumping into their former husband or wife.

The survey also found that women are more likely to move for the sake of love than men. And not surprisingly, when couples move in together before they're married, they're more likely to rent a place than buy one. 

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by Joshua James posted Jul 30 2015 10:37AM
And now, a phrase I never thought I'd say: That J.C. Penny outfit is just too sexy.

A 17-year-old named Sylva Stoel was working at her job at J.C. Penny last week...we're not sure where the store is, but apparently she'd only been working there two weeks.

Anyway, her boss pulled her aside and told her she had to go home and CHANGE... because the red shorts she was wearing were, quote, "too revealing."

There's only one problem. Sylva had bought the shorts THERE... in J.C. Penny's "career" section.

She told the manager it wasn't fair to send her home for that, but he insisted. When he asked her how long it would take her to go home and change, she said it would take her the whole day, because she wasn't coming back. Yep... she QUIT.

Then she posted photos of herself online, wearing the outfit...and flipping the bird. She says her coworkers would wear super casual clothes to work but, quote, "it seems as if my exposed knees registered as more unprofessional than jeans and a t-shirt."
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by Josh James posted Jul 20 2015 10:42AM
My brother-in-law is getting married next month, and I wasn't asked to be in the bridal party.

Not until Saturday night anyway, when his fiancee sent me a text message.

This is what it said:  "Hey! I'm working on some wedding stuff right now. Would you like to be a bridesmaid? I would have asked you before, but the bridal party would have been too big,"

Apparently one of her bridesmaids is really sick, and had to drop out of being in the bridal party. So basically I'm a "backup bridesmaid."

Should I tell her yes? Do I have the right to be annoyed that I'm clearly a backup, and she waited this long to ask me?

Delia, 27

(When were you someone else's "backup plan?" Did it make you mad, or did you just roll with it?)
by Josh James posted Jul 20 2015 10:30AM
I think this woman regrets her life choices AND her artistic choices.

A woman in Manhattan had sex with a guy several months ago... they got-it-on three times, then she never heard from him again. And apparently she doesn't even remember his NAME.

Which is a problem. Because it turns out he got her pregnant... and now she's trying to find him. So last week, she posted in the "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist.

Quote, "I am Mexican-American, 5-foot-4, 100 pounds when we screwed. You told me you were a business entrepreneur. You are Middle Eastern, tallish. Had about six-and-a-half inch [junk]. We had sex three times, then you disappeared."

Just to be sure, she also included a drawing of his face...and it's hilariously bad. She says, quote, "I think the resemblance is there." But we're pretty sure she's wrong. 

We're not sure if she found him or not, but she wound up deleting the post from Craigslist.
by Joshua James posted Jul 20 2015 10:11AM
Do you have a sense of humor? Then you'll love this. LUKE BRYAN turned 39 on Friday, and to make the day memorable, his wife hired a professional to bake a toilet birthday cake. a "fully-loaded" toilet birthday cake.

We're talking "Cake Boss" attention to detail. There's a plunger sitting on one side of it, and a bottle of Metamucil on the other. there's a roll of toilet paper in front that has a few sheets spread out and writing on it that says, "Holly s-word, you're getting old."

The cake artists responsible for the masterpiece posted a photo on Instagram.

The caption reads, quote, "Here it is. The birthday cake we made for Luke Bryan. Ordered by his wife Caroline, who has as awesome sense of humor! Happy Birthday @Like Bryan we has a blast making your cake."

There's also a photo of the entire bathroom ensemble being put together. You can see that it's made of real cake, real butter cream frosting, and "fondant", which is icing. 

by Dave Kious posted Jul 18 2015 5:01PM
Happy Saturday to you...Please stay cool.

I've got a chance this hour for you to win a pair of tickets to Aaron Lewis on August 7 and a pair of tickets to Thompson Square on August 28 all at Whiskey Tango.

And it's all brought to you by Capital Federal.

Good luck...And Go Royals!
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by Joshua James posted Jul 16 2015 10:53AM
Idiot criminals come up with crazy, delusional excuses all the time. And by all rights, this guy should've been one of them. 

A guy was recently driving through central Illinois in a 2006 Cadillac with no license plates, so a cop pulled him over. And the guy said he didn't have plates because he'd just bought the car from WARREN BUFFETT.

That sounds like a ridiculous excuse. But it was TRUE.

He bought the Cadillac in an online charity auction in March for $122,500, because it came with the opportunity to meet Buffett at his office in Omaha, Nebraska.

So he and his family had just wrapped up a few hours of talking with Buffett and touring the Berkshire Hathaway headquarters, and were driving home to New York... but they didn't have time to get temporary plates first.

As far as we know, the cop wound up letting them go without a ticket.

Donated Cadillac
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by Joshua James posted Jul 16 2015 10:20AM
The big news at the ESPYs last night was CAITLYN JENNER accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. She was introduced by U.S. Women's Soccer star ABBY WAMBACH. 

And although some of Caitlyn's speech was when she thanked her mom, her kids, and DIANE SAWYER... she spent a lot of time speaking on behalf of young people coming to terms with their sexual identity.

She said, quote, "I can see how people are driven to suicide, because you don't want to deal with life anymore. I came to my revelation: Out of all the things that I've done in my life, maybe this is my calling."

"To take my struggle and throw it out in front of the world, maybe I can bring understanding on this subject. It's time I try to do my best."

She added, quote, "If you wanna call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead. Because the reality is, I can take it.

"But for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn't have to take it."

There was another emotional moment when DEVON STILL of the Cincinnati Bengals accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award for his 5- year-old daughter Leah, who's battling cancer.

Meanwhile, during the ESPYs pre-show, UFC machine RONDA ROUSEY was given her award for Best Fighter. She beat out a field that included FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR.

And she took the opportunity to take another shot at Floyd, saying, quote, "I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once... I'd like to see you pretend not to know who I am now."

Ronda has called Floyd out before, and she was referencing a time when he was asked if he could beat her in a fight... and he said he didn't know who she was. 

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