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by TJ McEntire posted Jan 30 2015 2:24PM

Lambert is perfect on ACM nominations


ACM's came out and Miss Thing DOMINATES! So happy to see Dierks up for 7 as well...about time!

by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 12:18PM

Brad Paisley has agreed to make a dream come true for a young musician named Blaze — and the guitarist has YouTube to thank for it.

According to his website, Blaze got his first guitar at the age of five — the same year he saw his first Kiss concert and decided that he would devote his life to music. He has been playing professionally since age 12, and gigs with his band around Las Vegas. He has developed a lightning-fast pick technique that incorporates influences from classic blues to metal and '70s arena rock, but in recent years he has become enamored of country music, which first caught his ear due to Paisley's technical proficiency on the guitar.

The young guitarist set his sights on getting to jam with Paisley, and he wrote and recorded a song titled 'Brad Paisley' that is based around the tag line, "I wanna jam with Brad Paisley."

The song details all the things the young musician would be willing to do to make that dream come true — including mowing Paisley's lawn — and features him in a number of humorous situations with someone who's had Paisley's face dubbed in over his own. The track's outro also features Blaze in a jaw-dropping trade-off guitar solo, partly as himself, and partly as "Paisley," in which he emulates Brad's style in places.

It didn't take long for Blaze to get his wish. He posted the video to YouTube on Jan. 20, and the following day, Paisley himself took to Twitter to accept his offer.

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by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:24AM
Americans have never exactly had a reputation for being PATIENT... we want things FAST, we want them NOW, and if at all possible, we'd also like them LOUD and covered in GRAVY. But mostly fast.

A new survey looked at just HOW impatient we are these days. Here are the five best results:

1. 96% of us will eat or drink something really hot...even though it burns our mouth. And 63% of us do it repeatedly.

2. The majority of us will hang up after being on hold for a minute or less.

3. 71% of us break the speed limit.

4. We check out phone an average of eight times waiting for a response from someone we're dating.

5. And more than half of us honk at the person in front of us if they don't go the SECOND the light turns green.
by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:17AM
Seattle Seahawks running back MARSHAWN LYNCH hasn't participated in media sessions all season. He usually just picks a word or phrase, and answers every question the same way, no matter what it is.

Yesterday was no different. During the Super Bowl's "Media Day," Marshawn answered about 30 questions over the course of five minutes with variations of the phrase: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

He did once stop the press questions briefly to blow a kiss to a fan and tell she was, quote, "sexy too."
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by Joshua James posted Jan 28 2015 6:10AM
Hackers took over TAYLOR SWIFT's Twitter and Instagram account yesterday, and threatened to post NUDE PHOTOS of her.

But after Taylor got control of her accounts back, she made a JOKE out of it, Tweeting, quote, "Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack ..."

On a more serious note she also said there are NO nude photos to post...quote, "Any hackers saying they have 'nudes'? Psssh you'd love that wouldn't you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING."

The hackers did post some of Taylor's supposed text conversations...including one with NICK JONAS. But nothing scandalous.
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by Joshua James posted Jan 27 2015 1:25PM
Did you know research has actually PROVEN that wearing glasses can make you seem smarter? A survey in 2011 found that 43% of poeple think glasses ABSOLUTELY make you look more intelligent.

Here are four MORE weird things that can make you appear smarter...

1. Walk at the same speed as other people. A study in 2007 found that when you walk faster OR slower than the people around you, you're seen as being less intelligent and competent than when you walk at the same pace.

2. Avoid alcohol. And not just because you're dumber when you've been drinking. A 2013 study found that just HOLDING a drink makes you seem less intelligent.

3. Use your middle initial. In a study last year, people's writing samples were rated more favorably when a middle initial was included in their byline.

4. Avoid using big words. Which is weird, because you'd think big words would make you seem smarter. But a study in 2006 found the opposite is true. SIMPLE writing makes you seem more intelligent than jamming in a bunch of words no one knows.

Now that'll make you think... do you agree??

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by Joshua James posted Jan 27 2015 10:24AM
SO this clip is a few years old but it's still pretty funny... Toby Keith's NEW single is "Drunk American's" .. here's a clip of Toby dealing with one at a show a few years back!

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by Joshua James posted Jan 26 2015 1:28PM
The FIVE weirdest things the TSA found last year.... Including a knife in an enchilada, and razorblades in a Scooby Doo greeting card.....

We all get annoyed when TSA decides to give our bags an extra check. Everyone says, "Why would they go after me? shouldn't they be looking for terrorists?" Well... here's why.

The TSA just released its report on all the illegal stuff they found in 2014... and there's a ton of it. They found 2,212 guns, or an average of six per day. They also found drugs, explosives, knives, ninja throwing stars, and so much more.

Here are the FIVE craziest things the TSA found in 2014...

1. An 8.5 inch knife inside an enchilada... at Sonoma County Airport in California

2. An alarm clock that looks like dynamite... at Kansas City International Airport in Missouri.

3. Three pounds of cocaine inside a package of raw meat... at San Jose International Airport in California.

4. Razorblades inside a Scooby Doo gretting card... at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.

5. A boomerang shaped like the "Batman" logo... at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York.

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by TJ McEntire posted Jan 26 2015 1:04PM

Blake Shelton on SNL: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Here are some highlights from Blake's stint on SNL Sat Night! He is so awesome! Those New York City Folk did stereotype him a bit but he seemed to enjoy it! Is there anything he can't do??? Heart him so hard!!!! TJ

And if you are wondering if he really likes to kiss men on the my husband and Mike Kennedy can answer for you!

by Joshua James posted Jan 26 2015 8:45AM
You know a mother would do ANYTHING to help her children... even it that "anything" is a felony that she didn't clear with him first.

53-year-old Lucia Evangelista of West Palm Beach, Florida felt bad for her son because his car was a serious financial burden on him. So when he was in Florida back in August, she saw her opportunity to help him out.

She took his car, drove it to a secluded spot...doused it in gasoline, and set it on FIRE.

Her son got back about three weeks later, and realized his car was missing. And eventually, he realized his MOM was the one who'd stolen it and torched it. He did NOT appreciated her "help" ... and reported her to the cops.

The police investigated ... and Lucia was arrested last Wednesday for felony arson.

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