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by Dave Kious posted Nov 23 2014 12:04PM
Welcome to the crazy weather of Kansas City...It's warm and rainy and, and, and cold weather is on it's way. Sigh.

And no Chiefs today and we don't want to talk about last Thursday....Let's just go out and beat Denver at Arrowhead next week and we will all forget about the Oaklawn game.

But...I've go some really good news...I have 2 chances for you to win this afternoon a pair of tickets to The Randy Rogers Band, January 31 @ Uptown Theatre.

Just listen for the weekend sound and be caller 14 and...Good Luck!!!

Be safe and thanks for listening,
Duct Tape Dave
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by Joshua James posted Nov 20 2014 2:41PM
Time To Trend: Today's Top Trending Topics

Here are today's top 5 trending topics with Joshua James

5.) Winter has officially sent its greetings to upstate New York. Weather services are reporting that the region has received at least six feet of snow from the winter storm that started on Tuesday and is expected to last through Friday.
A young person sits atop a roof shoveling snowdrifts on French Rd. in Cheektowaga, N.Y. Wednesday, N

4.) A Capella group Pentatonix, Season 3 winners of The Sing Off, have released a version of "Mary, Did You Know" that will get you into the holiday spirit. They continue to put a cappella music into the music limelight with their arrangements of current hits. Be sure to look for them in the upcoming sequel, Pitch Perfect 2.

3.) Disney has unveiled the trailer for their new live-action version of Cinderella. The well-rounded cast includes stars such as Lily James and Cate Blanchett, and is produced by Kenneth Branagh. The fairy tale is set for release in March 2015.

2.) Tension continues to escalate in Ferguson, MO as the grand jury's decision over whether to bring legal action against police officer Darren Wilson is expected by month's end. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and called up the National Guard for local police back up in preparation for protests. The Ferguson area has seen few protests over the past week, including one overnight that led to the arrest of six protesters.

1.) Early this morning, a Florida State University alumni opened fire in the school's library, injuring three people before he was killed by police.

by Joshua James posted Nov 20 2014 11:59AM

Alright.. so this is a pretty judgmental study to whip out one week before Thanksgiving. The real estate blog Estately ranked all 50 states by how MISERABLE it is to spend Thanksgiving there....

They used six criteria: The likeliness of food poisoning, based on salmonella cases.. the likeliness of relatives getting drunk and making a scene (who doesn't enjoy a good family fight) based on binge drinking rates.. the likeliness of your favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving... The likelieness of getting into political arguments, based on how even the split between Republicans and democrats is... dietary restrictions based on rates of diabetes and vegetarians.. and the likeliness of people leaving to shop, based on Facebook data. (Clearly this study was pretty indepth)

And the most miserable place to spend Thanksgiving is.... OHIO! The rest of the top 10 are: Iowa.. (shocking).. Pennsylvania.. Arizona.. Wisconsin (don-cha-knowwww) Nebraska.. Alaksa.. Maine.. Virginia and.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... MISSOURI!!!!!!

The BEST place to spend thanksgiving is HAWAII (SHOCKER) The rest of the top ten LEAST miserable places are: New Mexico.. Arkansas.. Utah.. New Jersey.. Oklahoma.. Connecticut.. Idaho.. Wyoming and Nevada!

by TJ McEntire posted Nov 19 2014 2:06PM

Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour Adds Guests for Summer 2015

We are giving away tickets before you can buy them all week on Q104!!! So freaking excited for this show! Saturday night in August at Arrowhead??? I'm in! I love that Kenny helps out the new guys...for 20 years this guy has been a class act...I heart him soooooo hard. Get your tickets for August 1rst...we have Jason Aldean, BrantleyGilbert, and Cole Swindell just to name a few! What's hotter in August? The weather or this line-up??? TJ

by Joshua James posted Nov 19 2014 1:38PM
Time to Trend: Today's Top Trending Topics
Here are today's top 5 trending topics with Joshua James

5.) The media loves those crazy Kardashians, but some club owners don't. Kylie Jenner was denied access to a club because of her underage status. DON'T THEY KNOW WHO SHE IS! Well if that wasn't drama enough her boyfriend Tyga decided to boycott the club and pull a no-show for one of his appearances because Kylie couldn't come with.

4.) You may remember hearing about Tracy Morgan's car accident last June, well now his lawyers are saying he suffered a serious brain injury from the crash. His lawyer stated that he may never be "The Tracy Morgan he once was." The hollywood world will serious miss such a comedic man if he doesn't fully recover.
Tracy Morgan

3.) Once again People Magizene looked over my submission for the sexiest man alive and went with one of those Hollywood people. Chris Hemsworth was named the Sexiest Man Alive...good thing people say we look alike.,,20873740,00.html

2.) After years of criticism that Barbie is putting an unrealistic image of women in little girls minds they have finally released the 'Normal Barbie'. But making her body shape that of an average woman's wasn't enough. 'Normal Barbie' comes complete with cellulite, acne, and stretch mark stickers. Could this be the next step in Barbie saying you can either be skinny and perfect or average sized and covered in zits and stretch marks?

1.) And the number one trending topic of the day...An NFL player gives up his football career to become a Farmer. Jason Brown taught himself how to farm from Youtube videos. "First Fruits Farm" was made with the intention of donating the first harvest of the year to food pantrys across the country. He just recently donated 100,000 lbs of sweet potatos and is looking forward to donating more and learning more about his new career.
by Joshua James posted Nov 18 2014 2:24PM

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen. Its Time to Trend!

Today's Top 5 trending topics:

5.) An Australian TV host wears the same suit every day for a year and no one notices!

Embedded image permalink

Karl Stefanovic says he wore this suit everyday to prove a point about sexism. If his female co-workers wear something wrong they get yelled at for it, yet no one noticed that a man never changed for a full year.

4.) A teenage girl whose quick thinking and CPR skills save a baby who stopped breathing in Walmart. 17-year-old Abby Snodgrass heard a commotion from aisles away and rushed over to help. She had just recently learned CPR in her health class at Hillsboro High School in Missouri. Her quick thinking saved the 11-month-old baby who is now home and in good condition.

3.) Manson and Star sitting in a tree K-I-L-L-I-N-G....OK not funny. But 80-year-old Mass Murderer Charles Manson is set to marry a 26-year-old fan next month. His girlfriend, who goes by the name Star, is a frequent visitor to Manson and claims they are madly in love.

Star and Charles Manson

2.) Next, at number 2 is the 15th anniversary of the Texas A&M bonfire collapse. In 1999, the logs for the bonfire held annually before the annual Texas A&M and University of Texas game collapsed during its construction, and ended up killing 12 and injuring 27 students and alumni.

1.) The number one trending story today is sad news, as a second U.S. Ebola victim has died. Dr. Martin Salia, a doctor that served Ebola victims in Sierra Leone, has passed away in a Nebraska hospital. Salia traveled between Sierra Leone, where he contracted the virus, and his home in Maryland, where his wife and children live. From the experience, the Nebraskan team of doctors said they learned a lot about the anguish of having a loved one suffer from Ebola.
by Joshua James posted Nov 18 2014 12:13PM
Now this is cool! UMKC is set to launch a fast-track, One-year M.B.A. program in fall 2015 that offers a finanical kickstarter - FREE tuition for students.

read the story here >>

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by Dave Kious posted Nov 16 2014 12:01PM
Oh, I hate the cold weather. But, I'm going to be in this nice warm studio all afternoon giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Dustin Lynch @ Whiskey Tango on December 19 for our Jingle Bell Birthday Bash 2014!

I'm doing the giveaway once an our from now until 4pm....Good luck!

Duct Tape Dave
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by Kyle posted Nov 15 2014 3:00PM
If you are heading to the Sprint Center tonight come see us before the show at the Q104 van for some Q104 swag and a picture with us for Facebook! Q104 welcomes Hunter Hayes, Dan and Shay and The Railers to Kansas City! Listen on your drive over and all weekend! We will give you chances to win tickets to Jingle Bell Birthday Bash with our headliner Dustin Lynch! I'll be with you till 6pm tonight before the show. Listen all this weekend to win and on Monday morning for another BIG announcement about Kicker Country Stampede with Q104! As always, thanks for listening to Q104!! - Kyle

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by TJ McEntire posted Nov 11 2014 1:46PM

Scotty McCreery Pays Tribute to Veterans With 'The Dash' | Taste of Country

There aren't enough words to express the amount of gratitude I have for those who serve our country.On this Veterans Day know that I thank you for your service. I thank you for allowing me to live free in this great country. Past and Present I will forever be in your debt. Thank you...and God Bless this tribute to one of our fallen...and never forget. Happy Veterans Day.

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