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by Joshua James posted Mar 2 2015 6:43AM
A guy in Ireland tried to break into a car recently by smashing a window in with a brick. But it must have been shatterproof, because it bounced off and hit him in the FACE.

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by Joshua James posted Mar 2 2015 6:40AM
A guy in Australia went skydiving back in November, and had a SEIZURE in mid-air. And he just posted footage on YouTube.

It happened at about 9,000 feet, and his instructor managed to get him around 4,000 feet and pull his chute. Otherwise, he would have died.

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by Joshua James posted Mar 2 2015 6:34AM
Pictures in the News:
Here's a strategy to file away in case you're ever pulled over with a bunch of contraband in your car, whether it's drugs, guns, human organs, black market panda bears, whatever.

54-year-old Robery Pursley of Mary Esther, Florida, was pulled over a few weeks ago for swerving. He was arrested for a DUI, and the cops started doing inventory on the stuff in the car before it was towed.

Robert KNEW there was cocaine in the car, but he was ready. According to the police report, he told the cops that everything in the car belonged to him ... quote, "except for anything illegal."

For some reason, they STILL blamed him for the cocaine ... I mean he TOLD you it wasn't his. It seems totally unfair to blame him.

He's been charged with driving under the influence, failure to drive within a single lane, and possession of cocaine.

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by Joshua James posted Mar 2 2015 6:29AM
For at least a decade now America's state fairs have done a tremendous job making insane fried food innovations. And we're about to find out what happens when their inventions go mainstream.

Taco Bell just started testing a new breakfast item ... and it's CRAZY. They're donut holes filed with a sweet, milk-flavored icing... and covered in crushed-up CAP'N CRUNCH. Cap'n Crunch berries, to be specific.

They're called Cap'n Crunch Delights, and they're being tested in Bakersfield, California. Technically they're an item of the breakfast menu ... but they're available all day long.

For now, Taco Bell is only testing them in Bakersfield. There's not word on if or when they could roll out to the rest of the country.

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by Dave Kious posted Mar 1 2015 8:14PM
Tonight you will have THREE chances to win a pair of tickets to Q-104's Birthday Bash on March 21 @ Whiskey Tango with Joe Nichols and special guest A Thousand Horses.

Be listening for your chance to win...Good luck.

Oh,and c'mon warm weather...We're waiting....

Duct Tape Dave
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by Joshua James posted Feb 27 2015 12:26PM
The "New York Post" says the KARDASHIANS signed a $100 million deal to stay with E! for four more years. 

The deal inclused Kris Jenner and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

Bruce Jenner was NOT part of the deal, because they're supposedly giving him his own show to chronicle his "transformation".

The last deal the family signed with E! was for $40 Million over three years, and it made them the highest-paid reality stars in the world. So Obviously, this deal keeps them in that position.

But E! says the "Post's" numbers are, quote, "grossly inaccurate."

I was really hoping they'd go away...
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by Joshua James posted Feb 27 2015 11:03AM
How much do you know about the people you work with... and how much do they know about YOU?

According to a new survey, 11% of us know something that could get another employee FIRED.

Here are seven more results from the survey....

1. 62% of us have overheard someone complain about another employee.
2. 53% have eavesdropped on a conversation.
3. 35% have overheard their boss talking about layoffs or firing someone.
4. 22% have overheard a conversation about someone's salary.
5. 20% have overheard someone talking about an office romance.
6. 18% have heard a coworker lie to their boss.
7. 11% have heard someone intentionally sabotaging another employee.

This survey according to CareerBuilder... interesting.. truth?
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by TJ McEntire posted Feb 26 2015 2:13PM

See Dierks’ All-Star Cover Band Perform


Please enjoy the stylings and awesomeness of the one and only Dierks!

He's coming to Cricket Wireless You Know...cannot wait...hope he wears that outfit! Info on!

by Joshua James posted Feb 26 2015 1:01PM
We found a GREAT story about a woman who got revenge on the coworkers who kept stealing her lunch... and it's a MILLION times more effective than a passive-aggressive note.

A guy posted on that his wife was having trouble with coworkers taking her lunch from the fridge at work. So he made her some buffalo wings... but covered them in GHOST PEPPER chili powder and Blair's 4am Reserve.

If you don't know, ghost peppers are one of the world's hottest chilies, and Blair's 4am Reserve is one of the hottest hot sauces known to man. It's 7,476 times spicier than Tabasco.

He ate a couple wings to make sure they wouldn't KILL anybody, and says they were REALLY hot. Nothing would cut the heat, and the ghost chilies actually got HOTTER as time went on.

So his wife brought them to work, and just before lunch, they heard someone YELL from the kitchen. It was one of the younger guys she works with.. and he ran to the bathroom and wound up vomiting uncontrollably.

No one has touched her lunch since...

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by Joshua James posted Feb 26 2015 10:47AM
If you're in your 30s or close to it, you grew up with "DuckTales", "Danger Mouse", and "Inspector Gadget" .... and now, they're all coming back!

Disney XD is creating a new version of "DuckTales" based on the original show, which ran from 1987 - 1990. It'll once again feature Scrooge McDuck, his grand-nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Donald Duck.

The bad news is: Apparently, you can't launch a new "DuckTales" overnight, because it's still TWO YEARS down the road. It'll premiere sometime in 2017.

Meanwhile, Netflix is launching updated versions of the '80's shows "Inspector Gadget" and "Danger Mouse". "Gadget" will hit Netflix next month, but "Danger Mouse" won't arrive until next spring.

The "Inspector Gadget" show will be a sequel. Dr. Claw will be the villain again... but this time Inspector Gadget is being brought back out of retirement, and his niece Penny will be a little older and is training to be a crime-fighter too.

Not much is known about the new "Danger Mouse" show, other than that British comedian Stephen Fry is onboard to voice Danger Mouse's boss Colonel K.

Cheers to bringing back Saturday mornings eating coco puff cereal in my boxers!
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