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by Joshua James posted Jul 1 2015 10:10AM
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner really seemed like that one celebrity couple that might make it. And that makes their splid kind of sad. With that in mind. E! Online has ranked the 10 Most Devastating Celebrity Breakups.

Here is the list:

1. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Image result for jennifer aniston and brad pitt

2. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
Image result for rachel mcadams and ryan gosling

3. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
Image result for britney spears and justin timberlake

4. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

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by Josh James posted Jun 30 2015 10:54AM
156 years ago... in 1859, five thousand people gathered to watch Frenchman Charles Blondin walk across NIAGARA FALLS on a TIGHTROPE. It took him only five minutes. Later, he crossed blindfolded on stilts, pushing a wheelbarrow, and while carrying a man on his back!

116 years ago... in 1899, Charles Murphy became the first person to reach 60 MPH ON A BIKE!

79 years ago... In 1936, Margaret Mitchell's classic novel, "Gone With The Wind," was published.

40 years ago... In 1976, CHER and GREGG ALLMAN were married only four days after Cher divorced SONNY BONO. Cher and Gregg Allman split up nine days later, before eventually getting back together. Sonny skied into a tree and died 23 years later.

39 years ago... in 1976, Police raided NEIL DIAMOND'S home. They didn't find enough marijuana for an arrest, but left with some free albums.

38 years ago... in 1977, GENE SIMMONS authorized the first KISS COMIC BOOK. It sold 500,000 copies. Did you know: the red ink was mixed with small amounts of blood from each group member.

29 years ago... in 1986, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states COULD OUTLAW HOMOSEXUAL ACTS between consenting adults. That ruling was overturned in 2003... when the court decided that what you do in the privacy of your lover's reckty is YOUR business.

27 years ago... in 1988, RONALD REAGAN instituted random drug testing for all White House employees after three guards were suspended for off-duty use of the NOSE CANDY.

22 years ago... 
in 1993, "SPANKY" MCFARLAND of the "Little Rascals"  died in Texas, at 64

21 years ago... in 1994, STONE GOSSARD and JEFF AMENT of PEARL JAM testified at a congressional hearing concerning rising concert ticket prices. EFF TICKETMASTER!

9 years ago... in 2006, JESSICA SIMPSON divorced what was left of NICK LACHEY, after nearly four years of marriage. Remember when we wondered what the hell Nick was doing with her? Well, now that we know she's SEXUAL NAPALM, it all makes sense. 
by Joshua James posted Jun 30 2015 10:47AM
RIHANNA hit up a club in West Hollywood on Sunday night, but she didn't come home alone. She brought home a STRAY PUPPY.

Seriously. She explained in a Twitter video that she, quote, "found him in a bathroom somewhere, and potty training pads.

And it sounded like she's keeping him. She calls him PEPE, and on the way home she picked up a dog cage, food, and potty training pads. 

You can't blame her. This thing is ridiculously adorable. 

by Joshua James posted Jun 30 2015 10:37AM
There was a really bad storm in North Carolina over the weekend, so an American Airlines flight from Hartford, Connecticut to Charlotte, North Carolina was diverted to Columbia, South Carolina.

The good news is that American Airlines made the right call to ground the plane because of bad weather. The bad news is... the weather still had EVIL PLANS for them.

Because the people on board had to walk from the plane to the airport once it landed. And as they did... one woman was STRUCK BY LIGHTENING.

She was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. 

by Joshua James posted Jun 30 2015 10:28AM
For the Fourth of July, analyzed all 50 states to find out which ones are the most PATRIOTIC.

They looked at eight different factors, including military enlistment many people voted in the last election...and how often people volunteer. And according to them, the most patriotic state is... VIRGINIA.

The rest of the top ten goes Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Georgia

The LEAST patriotic state is New York, which has the fewest veterans per capita. It also has the second-lowest number of volunteers, and it's 46th in voter turnout.

The rest of the ten least patriotic states are New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Florida came in 14th... Texas came in 33rd... California is 35th... and Massachusetts came in 40th.

The study also found states that voted Republican in the 2012 election are slightly more patriotic than states that went Democrat. But it's so close, it's basically a tie. 
by Joshua James posted Jun 29 2015 9:37AM
There's a photo of a snake that basically just experienced the regret that we ALL get after we eat something we shouldn't have. Like en entire Chipolte burrito, or that new Pizza Hut pizza with hot dogs in the crust.

A 12-foot African Rock Python in South Africa DIED last week after it swallowed a 30-pound porcupine...and apparently all the sharp quills punctured its digestive track.

The photo of the python with the massive porcupine inside of it is pretty impressive...even if it's sort of like a SNUFF shot since the snake died right afterwards. 

A cow named Holstein in Orangeville, Illinois just set the Guinness World Record for the TALLEST cow in the world. She hit 6-foot-2...and the photos of her standing next to her human owner are amazing.

Sadly, right after the record was certified last month, she died from a serious leg injury. She'll still be included in the next "Guinness Book of World Records". 
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by Joshua James posted Jun 29 2015 9:06AM
KURT RUSSELL is NOT KATE HUDSON'S real dad. Kate and her brother Oliver are the products of GOLDIE HAWN'S marriage to musician (slash) comedian Bill Hudson back in the '70s.

Kate and Oliver haven't had a very good relationship with their dad over the years, and Oliver made that obvious on Father's Day, when he posted an old picture of the three of them, with the caption, "Happy Abandonment Day".

Bill's response? He's cutting both of them loose...permanently. He says, quote, "That was like a dagger to the heart...I don't want to see either of my eldest children ever again. It's over."

He added, quote, "I had five birth children but I now consider myself a father of three. I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own. I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. they are no longer a part of my life.

"Oliver's instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth."

He also blames Goldie for turning the kids against him... which he says she started doing as soon as she hooked up with Kurt Russell. 
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by Joshua James posted Jun 29 2015 8:33AM
After the Supreme Court voted to legalize gay marriage on Friday, some people were happy, some people were outraged...and CNN was confused.

They cut to breaking news on Friday Afternoon, when they thought they spotted an ISIS flag at a gay pride rally in London. It was a similar design, since it was a black flag with white writing.

But it wasn't Arabic writing...they were pictures of SEX TOYS.

They aren't the only ones who got confused after the Supreme Court decision. A guy in Little Rock, Arkansas posted a furious message on his local NBC website, about how they'd turned their peacock logo RAINBOW colors to celebrate gay pride.

So NBC responded that their peacock logo has ALWAYS been rainbow colored...

And after the Supreme Court decision, marriage equality became one of the top trends on Twitter...only tons of people were misspelling it "e-q-u-a-i-l-i-t-y."

Fox News, CNBC, Larry King, Margaret Cho, Jill Biden, Shonda Rhimes and Smash Mouth all used the misspelled hashtag. Yes, even SMASH MOUTH,
by Joshua James posted Jun 29 2015 8:15AM
Japan is pretty strange when it comes to sex. they get-it-on less than any other country, yet they're also some of the most DEVIANT people on the planet, with their octopus sex cartoons and used underwear vending machines.

So we can't even begin to figure THIS out. Apparently women in Japan are falling in love with a HANDSOME GORILLA.

He's a silverback gorilla named Shabani, and he's at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan. He's extremely muscular, and also manages to pull off an intense, sexy model look that makes it seem like he's seducing you.

The zoo officials say they've seen a big increase in female visitors ever since photos of him started circulating on social media. women usually call him: "ikemen," which is a term for a good-looking guy.

Shabani was born in Australia, and his old zookeeper is a guy named Allan Schmidt. He's not surprised about what's happening now because, quote, "The Japanese are crazy...they love their fads."

Fortunately none of the women have done anything to act on their love, like jumping into his far.
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by Dave Kious posted Jun 28 2015 7:42PM
What a weekend it has been...
The Kicker Country Stampede was another HUGE success...The Rolling Stones rocked Arrowhead Stadium, sure they're not a country band, but we all love the Stones.

Sporting KC won another home game and The Royals...What can I say about the Royals?
They swept Oakland on the road...Yes!

Last, but certainly not least...Tonight I have chances for you to win either Aaron Lewis or T-Bones tickets.
Please keep listening for details and YOUR chance to win.

If you need me, I'll be in the studio smiling.  :-)

Duct Tape Dave
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