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Inside Out Makeover- Fall 2017

Carolyn’s First Blog Post

When I first heard I had been selected to the top 10 of this contest I thought to myself, no way I can win. Well I guess I was wrong and here I am. 15 days ago I met with Dr Joe at Rejuvenate Mind Body Wellness center. I got weighed , which sucks, then I got measured. I met with Dr Joe for over an hour. About life, and my habits about what my goal is. Let’s face it if you know anything about me you know, sometimes life at our house isn’t easy, with our 8 year old Bo. So it was time I need to change somethings. Living the hospital life has caught up to me and my pant size. I had done some research on the program and knew I was all in. Here’s what I like about it, it’s easy. I am re teaching my body about good fats and bad. Teaching my mind to change. The choices I make, when it comes to food. This program is so much easier then any other  I have tried. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy by no means. The first week the craving were real, But day 15, I can get 100 ounces of water in no problem. I pre plan my meals which is key!!! I take my dinner with me if my kids have activities, I have too! I am a little worried about this weekend, ugh, let’s be honest I may need a cookie!! I am down 9.3lbs and super happy about that. I feel good, I am sleeping better and I have more energy. This is a life change not just a 6 week change. I am planning on starting some exercise next week. Currently I am just walking 15-20 min, daily. Which I can do just around my house. Next week I will go out and do a spin class or a yoga class!  Let’s pray the holidays are easier then I think. I have to keep my mind and cravings to a minimum!! Or it will effect the scale! Which I definitely don’t want!!


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