Inside Out Makeover- Carolyn’s Blog Post #2

Inside Out Makeover- Fall 2017

Carolyn’s 2nd Blog Post


I wasn’t quite sure how dieting over the  holidays would go. Everyone told me I was crazy, why would I try to diet during the holidays? Well, why wait? I would just be another reason for me not to start. I actually did really well, I didn’t gain any weight I actually lost 1 lb. it definitely gave me the push I needed to keep going strong. I am down 16lbs. I even had a pretty terrible cold and had to be put on steroids and an antibiotic, I maintained for 4 straight days I went back and fourth from 166.0-167.8 that was the most frustrating part for me. I had to wait for the steroids to get out of my system and once they were I hit 165.0.  So not making an excuse and actually doing what I need too. I had to start somewhere and stick to the plan..


Congratulations Carolyn! We know sticking to a diet is hard, especially during the holidays! Keep it up girl!

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