Karen’s 1st Blog

One of my favorite aspects of getting to work with Jason and the team at A Greater You, is their approach has very much been able to pick up where physical therapy left off. We are addressing core strength and stability, balance, and strength training to build up a strong foundation – working from the most important elements first.

One of my struggles is doing a simple squat due to having an almost completely reconstructed left leg. We’ve decided to utilize the TRX straps to gradually move towards where I can squat correctly on my own.
It’s working! Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to go deeper and rely on the straps a little bit less. We snapped a picture for you yesterday. The rest of the world might not find this photo exciting, however to me it’s empowering and motivating to see the progress. These are the little things most people call “easy” yet are a huge struggle for me.
I’m thrilled to report how much stronger I’m feeling after the first month! I’ve also noticed myself getting leaner, and I’m starting to see some stretch marks. ????
I have a feeling things will start to take off in leaps and bounds pretty soon!
Keep it up Karen! Keep checking back on updates on Karen’s journey! 

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